three quotes three days #1

Annie made me do it.

Three thrice throw thrum…

The meme is simple, write a post about three quotes; one a day for three days. Nominate three people to do a threesome the meme too. I decided to continue the theme by quoting three posts which include the word ‘three’ over three days (confused yet?).

Here’s the quote I liked first, along with the image I liked best…


Three things cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.

… but quotes by Buddha are often erroneous and it’s always worth checking them on Fake Buddha Quotes (I can’t believe it’s not Buddha) first. Lo and behold, although it was a paraphrase of the original, the verdict was – fake.


Here’s the original quote…

Monks, there are these three things which shine forth for all to see, which are not hidden. Which three?

The disc of the moon shines for all to see; it is not hidden. The disc of the sun does likewise. The Dhamma-Discipline [dhamma-vinaya] of a Tathagata [Buddha] shines for all to see; it is not hidden. These are the three things.



My intention to wax lyrical about the fake (but elegant quote were cruelly dashed to the ground and thoroughly stomped upon. It’s probably just as well. If I didn’t have the fakery to waffle about, the waxing lyrical would have made me look stupid anyway. While I was thinking about it, I thought of a rebuttal that sounds like a riddle.

The sun is hidden at night, the moon is hidden during the day and some lies are never uncovered.

Take that, Fake Buddha, stick it in your prayer wheel and spin it.

Today’s nOMinees are brought to you by the letter S.

the spanglish one
the swinging
the strong one

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