End of June…Moving Ahead

4th of July

First off, I wanted to say “thanks” for all of you who wished me well on the trip with my daughter. We had a really good time and I got through it just fine. It was so nice to spend time alone with her. She’s 27 and she has started paying for things on the trip. It’s nice to have her pay for dinner or tickets, etc. Prior to this, it was me paying all the way. I think it is good for her to get the idea that everything costs money and it is fair to chip in.

We’re going to Vegas again next week. The purpose of this trip is to let my new 21 year old enjoy the games and being able to drink a little etc. My husband has actually planned many activities off the strip so I think Danny won’t be doing too much gambling and drinking. He’s a one glass “Blue Moon” kind of drinker.

My husband and I usually throw $40 at the slots and keep moving.

Enough about Vegas, let’s talk about June.

I am taking stuff off my template and adding other stuff on.

If you don’t know, my template runs across the top with the things I want to do and then down the side with the dates. So here we go:

EXERCISE: I did exercise 6 times in June. My goal is 12 times a month of 30 minutes each. I’d give myself a C here. Exercise is definitely back on the template for July. I have a personal trainer appointment for tomorrow. It is really hot to exercise, but I can get my ass down to the gym.

GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE: I did this all but three days in June. I am taking it off of the template.

WATER: Still need this on template to be reminded. Key here is to drink the water first. Then I don’t want soda.

COOKING: Am taking this off the template. I am doing this as a habit.

DEVOTIONAL: Also going off the template. This is pretty routine.

STAYING ON FOOD PLAN: Big fat problem here. Stays on template. I am planning to actually get myself to Jenny Craig to be counseled once a week. I’ve made improvements her but it still sucks. Like a D here.

CANCELING STUFF: Stays on template. Too much morning anxiety and then I want to cancel. Need to improve here.

SHOWER: Going off the template: woo hoo! Am showering at least every three days by myself. The hot weather helps…I’m more in mood for a shower. This one is a big step.

WEIGHT: I currently weigh one more pound than I did on June 1st. My goal was to lose 4 pounds this month. In my defense, we went on a ton of vacations and ate out quite a bit. July should be better for this.

READING OTHER BLOGS: I try to get around and read 7 blogs a day. Have been doing pretty well, but this is on the template as a new goal.

I went to church twice (was on vacation two weeks), saw five friends, did activities with husband, checked my friend list three times and made contacts, saw therapist and pdoc once each. I got a massage and went out with each child alone.


So I filled in my blank template for July. It has some changes. At the top I wrote “Don’t forget to cook, get out of the house, do devotional, and shower.” These are just reminders. If I fall down anywhere here, they will go back on the template next month.

Exercise, drinking water, staying on food plan, and not canceling are on the July template. So is hitting 1000 followers on this blog. (I have about 984 now, so I should do this.) After 1000, I am not going to worry too much about followers.

My weight is on the template and so is reading 7 blogs a day.

Some new things on the template: meditating for ten minutes a day. I’m starting this by sitting in a comfortable chair and just trying to clear my mind. I also have a couple of apps to fill in at night. One is called “grid diary”. It’s sort of a “how did your day go…what are you grateful for?” thing. The other is a food diary. I read those who write down their food intake lose twice as much weight.

One other new thing is seeing the Jenny Craig counselor once a week for a weigh-in.

I have a weird one to put on a template. I need to be more affectionate toward my husband. I criticize him too much and am just not nice enough. Yesterday was our 29th anniversary, so he deserves a bit of positive in his life. So I am going to try to do more hugging and kissing and more compliments. I’ve never been a touchy type. My mom was not and bipolar makes me want to stay away from touch. I was very affectionate with the babies, but I don’t hug my adult kids as much as I could. So my template will help me work on it.

Weekly and monthly things to work on: church, seeing friends, keeping up with friend list, go to women’s support group (they’re kind of sporadic in the summer), seeing psych docs, getting a massage, and doing something with each child.

So that is the July story. I am making some progress. Thanks for reading this mess.


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