A Fresh (Bipolar) Start

Originally posted on van gogh's girl:

I started this blog in 2011, and in the few posts that I made, 99 percent of them were about my depression due to bipolar disorder.

Who I was four years ago and who I am now, in 2015, are two completely different people. And the more I read these posts I made, the angrier I got at myself. Because while my blog posts weren’t gaining a lot of traction in the Internet world, if someone did land on my blog, the only thing they would have known about me is that I have bipolar disorder and its depression was crippling me.

But I am so, so much more than that. I always have been, I just haven’t always realized it.

So I’m using this blog for more than just a platform for sorrows. And while my posts may not be frequent, they’ll be enough for me. I want this…

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