Update on My Major Depressive Episode

Update on My Breakthrough Depressive Episode
 In my last blog, I attempted to describe my disappointment that, despite my everyday compliance with bipolar, I still had a breakthrough major depressive episode. I hope I was able to convey the steps I took and the adjustments made by my psych support team.

It’s been a week or two now and I rested and well adjusted. This is amazing to me as my depressive episodes, in recent years, would last much longer. I am able to utilize my skill set tool box appropriately to reset my emotions. Yes, it felt debilitating and yes, I felt like I am fighting a losing battle but, taking immediate action was the right thing to do. The therapeutic support received provided me the encouragement that I can “ride the wave” back to recovery.

I couldn’t be happier that I have the help I need to hop back on my road to recovery. Some of the unconscious skills I used on my own are as follows:

1. I remained compliant with my mode of treatment.

2. My therapist changed my every 2-3 week appointments to weekly. And I concurred ensuring I was there every week despite, my initial dismay.

3. I forced myself to get up, dressed, showered and went outside. I’d sit watching my puppies play, enjoying the flourishing health of my new garden, and being among others in any means I could.

These are just a few initiatives I am doing. I’m sure mediation would be handy. I fear that I may end up becoming distracted and return to beating myself up rather than loving myself. Keeping up with my mood chart may have keep me accountable of my negative thought processes. Again,I fear that rather than adjusting my thinking, I would become more obsessed by the rabbit hole I am in and not the ladder skills to climb myself back out.

I feel well enough to getting back on the everyday horse of recovery. Keep fighting the good fight.And be grateful that this was not a drawn out process that may have easily fallen into disaster. Most importantly, I must continue to believe in myself, accepting that set backs may come along. I know now that I can remain calm and pursue the love and hope I have to recover.

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