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All around the world toni-i-i-i-ight, we have got bipolar… (now with added links and opiñioñatas).

I haven’t test driven this one, please let me know what it’s like if you do. Here’s what they say… Feeling anxious, sad or lonely? Going through a tough time? We are here to help you are not alone. Lets get talking.

Champs Like Us (baby we were born to spend a fortune on medication)
New Zealand: Bipolar disorder ‘just a fact of life’. At one point during a high mood Turner decided to cut his trailer in half  with an angle grinder because he thought it didn’t look quite right. “Just after I’d finished I began to think, ‘Why the hell did I do that’.
South Africa: Popping pills to fight off mental illness benefits society. I’m what my mother used to call “a nut job”. Before you snigger, you probably are too. A Nut Job that is. Why? Because we belong to a very large, and fast growing group of people who rely on doses of industrial strength antidepressants to help deal with this fraught business called life.
Also a South African thing, please don’t forget to follow and support this really valuable initiative. Nanieve Groenewald shares her story in the latest post.
Australia: Tasmanian man describes the highs and lows of living with bipolar disorder.
USA: IBPF – Essay Contest Winners – Read the winning essays from our Middle and High School Essay Contest!
USA – Natasha Tracy:
Anger Is Not a Symptom of Bipolar Disorder, Or Is It?
Time It Takes to Recover from Depression after Hypomania
USA Meg Hutchinson’s journey with bipolar disorder (audio).
UK Leighton Buzzard man opens up about bipolar disorder.

Muggle Associates
Ireland: Tell Me About It: My wife is bipolar and I long for female company. I have thought about leaving her, but I know she would be unable to cope. Poor things, they’re in their 60s and been married forever.

USA What It Really Means To Be Psychotic: The Difference Between Psychosis And Psychopathy Mental illness and personality disorders consist of an array of complex, hard-to-pin-down disorders that are often confused — but avoiding misdiagnosis is crucial in properly treating them. With all the “psycho” in psychosis, psychotic, and psychopathy, it’s often easy to get them all muddled. In reality, psychotic and psychopathic are two separate, distinct disorders — and labelling everyone who falls under these categories as a “psycho” is certainly a faux pas.
USA Words Count – learning to talk about mental illness.
Our disturbed children are being sent abroad because we can’t cope
Ireland Young Irish people with complex mental health issues are being detained in the UK.
USA Frank Sinatra‘s Palm Springs Home For Sale. Sinatra was a self-professed “18-karat manic depressive” torn between hiding away or hanging with his friends where he could be distracted from the depression.


Engulfed (Dayne Matlin)

Culture Vultures (carrion regardless)
USA: Gabriel review – Rory Culkin proves fine guide on headtrip through bipolar mind. Macaulay’s younger brother gives a terrific performance as a 25-year-old struggling with mental health issues in this low-budget gem.
USA: Zoe Saldana has spoken about how her new arthouse indie flick Infinitely Polar Bear provides a “more accurate depiction” of bipolar disorder.
USA Artist Dayna Matlin paints portraits of her late brother Jason, who was bipolar.
USA La Traviata McDonald’s nervy labor of love has set this “La Traviata” in modern times in New Orleans where Violetta is a troubled bi-polar manic depressive, and Fat Tuesday is approaching on the calendar.


(Ayelen Parolin

USA 25.06.76 (Ayelen Parolin) (dance)
USA Devin Townsend His devastatingly honest lyrics have an unseen emotional depth, especially when one considers his struggle with manic depression (ex.“I wait for the pain/It always comes again/And I don’t know why/And I don’t care why/Anymore”)
USA Preview The ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ Soundtrack Featuring George Harrison, Ike & Tina Turner, And More.

Headdesk (and facepalm too)
South Africa: Bipolar: misdiagnosis can be fatal. It is estimated that three quarters of South Africans with mental illnesses will never receive any treatment. Julian Turner shares his story of battling bipolar and how it almost ended tragically last year when he threw. himself off a cliff in KwaZulu-Natal. (video)
USA: Faith based fuckwittery: with apologies to the real Christians out there, as soon as I saw his photo and read the first paragraph, I thought “uh oh, God squad,” and his bio confirmed it. Another dangerous man with a snake oil smile.
USA: “If you took your daughter to a mental health professional, your description would probably provoke a diagnosis of childhood bipolar disorder, or whatever they are calling it these days. Ignoring for the moment the fact that there is no good science behind this supposed biochemical malfunction (the specific chemicals or nature of said malfunction having never been unequivocally identified), she is not bipolar. (John Rosemond aka Mr Bobo)” Dealing with daughter’s outbursts and whining
USA: MALIBU BIPOLAR RESIDENTIAL TR EATMENT IN LUXURIOUS SURROUNDINGS AT BRIDGES TO RECOVERY That’s right people, go be bipolar in luxury while everyone else suffers. And they have DSM IV definitions in their info. Ha.

Search, Research, Repeat
Self-Defining Memories Help People with Depression, Bipolar Disorder tl;dr Overall, SDMs are a major foundation in the formation of an individual’s identity. They are reflections of a person’s key life lessons, central goals, values and conflicts. They often guide our decisions and sense of self-continuity. For people living with depression or bipolar disorder, recalling affirming and meaningful memories can help to re-establish a positive sense of self and thereby assist in their treatment.
Psychosis rarely linked to violent crime: Findings of a study have revealed information which is contrary to common belief about mental illness: that violent crimes seldomly accompany mental disorder.
Bipolar Disorder Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020
At-risk children of mothers with bipolar disorder may benefit from early intervention.
Psychiatric Times articles about bipolar disorder.


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