Mid-June Check Up

june 2015

Hard to believe it is the middle of June, but here is the round-up of my activities from my template.

EXERCISE: I did 20 minutes one day. Yes, you should be laughing. I did, however, buy some hiking shoes. I hope I get some use out of them. We are planning a short walk tonight when the air gets cooler. I’d give myself an F here.

GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE: I did this 11 days out of 14. This is a HUGE improvement. Just getting up, getting dressed, and having a shower every few days is pretty good for me. I’d give myself a B here.

WATER: I am not drinking enough specific water. I should be drinking at least 4 big glasses a day. I am doing more like two. My Jenny Craig gal says 72 ounces but gee, can you drink that much? I’d give myself a C here.

COOKING: I cooked or made arrangements for dinner every night this month. I may take this off the template. I think this is a habit now. I’d give myself an A here.

DEVOTIONAL: Eleven days out of 14 here. This is getting to be a habit…maybe another month on the template? I’ve earned a B here.

STAYING ON MY FOOD PLAN: Did this only one day out of 14. This plan may be unrealistic, but I need this many calories to lose one pound a week. I just need to quit cheating. I am tired of being fat. Definitely an F here.

SHOWERING: Have been showering every three days or so. If I don’t go out may go four days but that has not happened this month. Got my hair cut shorter so it is easier to manage. I think another two months or so on the template. I’d give myself a B on this.

I am a little worried about my overall appearance. I have been going with minimal make-up and hair style. I’m also fat. I don’t spend the time getting ready that others do. I’m not sure if I need to perk up my look or not. Part of me just doesn’t care.

NO CANCELLING/ RESCHEDULING: I cancelled a lot but I rescheduled everything. So I did get it done. But I cancelled a whopping 6 days out of 14. This is seriously ridiculous. I just wake up and panic and can’t go through with everything. And I need to stop scheduling more than one or two things per day. I just get too tired. I’d give myself a D on this.

FOLLOWERS: I set a goal of 1000 followers on the blog by the end of June. I am picking up about one per day. At this rate, I should have my 1000 at the end of July. After that, I figure I don’t much care how many followers I have. Not that I don’t welcome new people, but the numbers don’t matter too much. I’m okay on this goal.

WEIGHT: I weigh exactly what I weighed at the beginning of the month. This isn’t bad considering my best friend came over for a long weekend and I ate everything that didn’t move too fast. I wound up gaining 4 pounds but then losing 5. I’d give myself a D here, but it is HARD to diet on vacation. I still am shooting for losing a pound a week.

VISITING BLOGS: My goal is to visit 7 blogs per day. I just started this goal so we will see how it goes.

CHURCH AND SEEING FRIENDS: I’ve been to church twice and missed once because of being out of town. An A there. I’ve gotten together with three friends so far.

I have not been to my women’s church support group, but it is sparse in the summer. I will try to go when I am off vacation.

I’ve only checked my friend list once this month. I plan to do that today.

I did two activities my husband wanted to do that I did not: had dinner with his sister and went to a rock store.

I did get a massage.

I have not seen my therapist (who is now $60 a visit as she does not take Medicare) or my psychiatrist, but I have them both scheduled for June.

I had set a new goal this month of doing something alone with each of my three kids. I have tea scheduled with my daughter, but need to do something with each boy. That is a goal for June.

BTW, Danny has a 94 in his summer school biology class. We have had him type his notes each night and then we quiz him on them. He’s had 2 exams and three quizzes and has sailed through. I realize this is micro managing a college kid. However, I think it is showing him some good study habits. It is also giving him self confidence since that disastrous last semester.

Anyway, that is the update. Opinions welcome!


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