What Makes a Great Blog?

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From wordpress prompts: What makes a great blog? What causes you to hit “Like” or to make a comment? What causes you to follow a blog?

First of all, these are my opinions only. That means they are not worth a whole lot to anyone except me. If I say I don’t like giant pandas as your header, that doesn’t mean you should rush out and change it. I will say one thing however, I have seen a LOT of blogs.

Okay, having said that, here we go:


-Any topic. I will literally read (and have read) any blog topic out there. Except for a very few that went way over my head, I’ve found something redeeming in each of them.

-When I open the blog, I like to see something attractive. A colorful header, interesting border…whatever. Maybe this is a girly thing. Too much black and white makes me feel stark and uninvited. I know a few people use black and white for a shadowing type effect and that’s fine.

-I like a clear topic and tagline. I want to know what I am reading about (in general) before I start. The posts should generally fit the topic, although I’m flexible here. But if your topic is pianos, I’m wondering why you have recipes on there.

-I like a nice photo of the author (if the person is not writing anonymously).

-I don’t like to have to click around too much. When I open the blog, I like the most recent post (in complete form) staring me in the face. I hate cruising new blogs. If I like the blog, I’ll stay and cruise later.

-I should be able to find the spot to make a comment easily. I like to see a few other comments, so I know what the “tone” of the blog is. Is everyone supportive? Sarcastic? Funny? I want my comment to sort of fit in.

-I like a clear “voice” on a blogger. People who use big words bug me.

-If it’s a fashion, DIY, or travel blog, I love images!

-I like poetry blogs. I was afraid of poetry before, but now like it.

-I like blogs where I feel the blogger is friendly. This doesn’t happen all the time, but I like to feel some connection to the person.


-The “Eighties” theme. I have never seen this theme used to any good effect on a blog. I feel like I am being attacked when I open this one up. It’s the only wordpress theme I cannot stand.

-A business blog. If you’re a realtor or whatever, I don’t care. Blogs supporting books are okay, but they should talk about the author, maybe have a short story, etc.

-Blogs with too much to click on. If I can’t find you in your blog, I move on.

-This is a pet peeve…not being able to find where to leave a comment. Some themes are really difficult here. If you want comments, make sure it is clear. I also don’t like blogs where I have to fill out a little form with my e-mail, etc. in order to leave a comment. Sometimes I will just move on without saying anything.

-People who have a Facebook type blog…where all of the comments are from friends and they have conversations back and forth. I assume this blogger does not want or need new readers or followers.

-Blogs with posts with too random of topics. I don’t want to read about suicide and shrubbery in the same post.

-Blogs that say “Hi! I had nothing to say today. Come back tomorrow.”

-Blogs that cover too narrow of a topic like “china shopping in Norway”.

-OMG…blogs with miniscule fonts. If I can’t read it with my reading glasses on, you have to be kidding.


I don’t. I rarely if ever, check “like”. I prefer to make a comment and if I read a post, I will likely comment on it.


Pretty much all of the time. I like to encourage people by saying a few words. I get sad when I see an excellent post someone has written and there are no comments. It just takes a second to write one.


I don’t follow many blogs because I don’t have time and I really like to cruise around. I follow about ten mental health blogs and then random other blogs. I prefer to read from my reader topic list rather than my “followers” list. I make it a goal to read seven other blogs and make comments each day.

How do you do it? What do you like? What drives you crazy? Do you read other blogs religiously or do you just hang out on your own?

hugs and happy reading,


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