what I did on my holidays

My body is back, fuck knows where my soul is. Thought you might want to see some photos.

2 crocs on the banks of the Crocodile River.
Two more.
Dem knees though...
Hippo crossing the Crocodile River.
Naboom (Candelabra Euphorbia)
Bushbuck doe.
Baby monkey and Many Stemmed Albizia
Kapok tree.
Fever Tree
Just before sunset, over an Umbrella Thorn.
Sunset over the Crocodile River.
Kudu males.
Fear not, it's not real.
Ice cream break; hadn't seen these for a million years.
An old Landie on a red dirt road.
Across the Crocodile River, into another game reserve.
De-horned White Rhino (to keep her safe from being poached).
We sat in the Landie for an hour or so till mama decided she didn't need to charge us, and wandered off.
I walked under some thorns...
Culled warthog skulls.
Burchell's Zebra
And again.
Giraffe drinking.
Blue Wildebeest (gnu).
A very small silhouette of a Yellow Billed Hornbill in a large dead tree.
Elephants crossing the River.
Yup, that's what a giraffe looks like lying down.
Marabou Storks
Giraffe again.
Well hung banana thief.
Male warthog
So kitsch.
Landie at sunset.
More kitsch.
I almost said back to reality, but that's fucked. The bushveld is real. Really real.


Be kind, I only have a phone camera (:

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