this linkdump twitches like a cat

If that title doesn’t intrigue you, you’re anhedonic.

Interview with a therapist who was once insane

And then there’s this…

He used to be a mole and his name, appropriately enough is…

John Thomas leaves the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse April 18, 2014, after being indicted. On June 2, 2015, a psychologist who examined Thomas said he stands by his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Federal prosecutors say Thomas, who has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $375,000 in taxpayer money, was caught on a jailhouse phone tap planning to fake the illness.


His wife gave him some advice about how to fake it, she told him to twitch like a cat. How the fuck do cats twitch then? And why? I’ve never met a twitchy cat. Dear John (lol) Thomas (lolol), if you’d like some bipolar disorder, you’re welcome to mine in exchange for a video showing you twitching. Like a cat. You knob.

Hallucinations & Delusions are not necessarily linked to serious illness.
Antenatal psychosis
Psychosis rarely, inconsistently precedes violence.
10 celebrity moms with bipolar disorder.
Demi “milking it for all it’s worth” Lovato says recovery from bipolar is possible. (please can I smack her) But wait! There’s more!
Enough sleep treats mental illness effectively.

“Scientists don’t want to discuss creativity,” claims Harvard neurologist Dr Alice Flaherty, who both studied and lived with the condition. “It makes them feel intellectually unhygienic.”

Telling a tale with too many words, Chantal Martineau explores hypergraphia, a rare compulsion to keep writing.
Creativity and ambition linked in bipolar patients.
Writing about mental illness is therapeutic.
Our voices can inspire with our stories.
Relationships & the bipolar trap: Julie Fast on friendship.
Citicoline may control cocaine use in patients with bipolar.
Improving diagnosis and treatment.
Urinary cancers not linked to lithium.

SANE Australia – Bipolar Disorder – Translations
A checklist pamphlet explaining the symptoms of bipolar disorder in easy language. 
The following translations are available: English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese. Download pdf files.

My story, black, beautiful and living with bipolar disease.


Examples of the kinds of deficits reported are difficulties with linguistic working memory (word retrieval), difficulties with planning, prioritizing and organizing of behavior (executive functioning), problems with retention of what’s been read or listened to, as well as the experience of mildly dulled or slowed thought processes. For some with bipolar disorder, it’s like they’ve experienced a gradual decline of brain power from their previous baseline level of function.

Cognitive deficit in bipolar disorder (don’t panic, it refers to some people, not everyone)
Bipolar disorder link to altered brain development.
Premature mortality in bipolar disorder.
Mental health treatment forces tough choices.
Invisibly ill, notes on being academic and bipolar. (dude needs anonymity, not sure that leaving out your surname, but including a photo, is the best way to ensure that)
Bipolar disorder and overeating.
Delays in diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder.
Call for better treatment for bipolar in South Africa.


If you’re Boston flavoured, this might interest you:

Assistant Needed For Artist Starting Non-Profit for Bipolar Illness(Belmont)
contract job internship part-time
non-profit organization
Assistant Needed For Artist Starting Foundation for Bipolar Illness – Belmont, MA
About the foundation:
Candidates should be interested in helping people with bipolar, depression, anxiety etc., as the organization that is being started is a support group specifically for people with bipolar disorder. The organization will focus on mentorship/sponsorship for people struggling with bipolar and mental illness. 
Imagine something similar to the Alcoholics Anonyous model, for people who are functioning members of society, or struggling to function, as they may be recently out of an inpatient program.
The idea behind the foundation is to pass down knowledge, care, and love through support, in addition to traditional medication.
Interested candidates should send a resume and email why you’re interested and how you’re qualified. I’m happy to send you my resume as well.
*Help keep artist/founder (27 year old female) focused and on task
*Help develop and copy write content for narratives and articles
*Ability to be proactive and act independently and contribute after taking initial direction
Skills/Personality you should have:
*Organized, open-minded, good listener, problem solver, good sense of humor
*Good editing skills and succinct writer
*Basic administrative skills
*Adobe Suite, social media, SquareSpace or WordPress is a plus
*Bachelor’s or Grad degree in Psychology or Literature is a plus
Job Details:
*2 month gig
*30-40 hours per week, flexible. Most likely will include some weekends, but I am very easygoing with scheduling
About Artist:
My name is Sara Jacobson and I’m a New York City born, raised, and based artist. I was diagnosed with bipolar illness at 20 years old and have had great success in art, jewelry, and opening my own store on Madison Avenue, although I’m in Boston currently because of some medical issues. Potentially moving back to New York in a couple months.
View some of my work at (“some”, because part of this job will be to expand website work section)

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