“perfect” is not a bipolar word…….


Well, lots of you have heard me talk about my best friend Sarah. One of my manic spells caused us to “break up” for three years. We’ve been back together about two. She’s come to visit for a few days and I thought I’d give you the scoop.

Day #1-

Got off to a bit of a rocky start. Remember how Danny had the 3 D’s? Well, he had a big test that morning in his summer school biology. We got him up at 8 to review, but Sarah’s plane came a little early. We had to split up. My husband went to get Sarah and I stayed home to finish the studying. (BTW, Danny did great on the test…he said he was “grossly overprepared.” Snort!)

So Sarah shows up from the airport and we all had some muffins and juice to get started. Then she and I were off to our big day at the spa.

Now this spa is my favorite in town…it just has everything you need, is so clean, and the service is really great. It’s actually sort of decadent. You start out there there by selecting a stone from a small pile. This tells you your “energy” for the day. My energy was “success”and Sarah’s was “love”.

We changed into our spa robes and slippers and went to check out the jacuzzi. There’s always the question in the jacuzzi and steam room about whether to go naked or not. I like naked cause I hate to peel a wet bathing suit off. Sarah’s a little more conservative. We usually wind up doing what everyone else does. There was a semi-naked girl in there so we stripped. After the jacuzzi, we did the steam room, but we couldn’t stay too long in there. Too hot.

Next comes my favorite spot:


This is called the “relaxation” room. It’s a blast to come in here, snuggle up on a bed and gab. You’re supposed to whisper, but normally no one is in here so you can talk. So Sarah and I did some gabbing. We went over my mania and our “time out” from our relationship. We also covered a million other topics.

It was soon time for lunch, so we sat out on the terrace by the pool and had shrimp wraps and cosmos. Rough. Then it was time for our treatments. I had a massage and Sarah had a facial. That was a good part!

We put on our swimsuits and headed out to the pool. It was cloudy and perfect. (I don’t like to sit in the hot sun.) I drank a gallon of diet coke, and they even provided us with a glass of champagne. We sat around, talked, and Sarah got in the pool. We got hungry again and ordered a cheese and cracker type tray. We polished that off and decided to head home.

We watched a little TV and that was Day #1. Exhausting 🙂 But I was proud of myself. I drove us to the spa and back and kept up with the day just fine.

Day #2-

It was National Donut Day so I ate three donuts.

My husband, Sarah, and I decided to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf. It was pretty fun although my husband skunked me. He had something like 5 holes in one. We had a good lunch and then went to see “Love and Mercy”, the movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. I really recommend it, although there were a few scenes that sort of upset me as he was also mentally ill. (If you see it, let me know what you think.) We came home for a rest as I had a raging migraine.

I gave up the day at this point and sent my husband, Sarah, and my daughter off to happy hour at a local pub. They did dinner there. I was out due to migraine meds.

Day #3-

Pool Day. (Am writing this with a slight wine buzz. Yes, I know you should not drink and take meds. I do it anyhow.) Very simple day of hanging around the pool. Put on some music and laid around in the water and the shade. Got a shower and rested for dinner. Another headache. Brought in Mexican food.

We’ve still got church, tea, and breakfast out tomorrow to finish her visit.

I think my “best friend” relationship with Sarah is pretty well healed. I always want to talk about our former problems but she does not. But it is hard for me. 95% of my relationships while manic have been broken. And I don’t bother to try to heal them. I have done mean and stupid things to people while manic. I know it hurts people, but I just get out of control. Not to mention embarrassed.

So things are not perfect with Sarah. But “perfect” is not a bipolar word.

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