No more Invega Sustenna

I had three shots of Invega Sustenna. 150mg loading dose, a week later 100mg loading dose, 4 weeks later, 150mg regular dose.

The side effects SUCK. But it helped so much.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The first side effect I noticed was in my mouth, I would stutter, it felt like I didn’t have control of my mouth and I was sort of spitting out the words. My roommate, when I brought this up, said that I had been talking differently lately.

The cognitive effects. I would completely lose words while trying to write/say something. I would be typing a word, forget what the word was halfway through, and then be unable to type the rest of it. I couldn’t look at letters and copy them to paper or my keyboard, either.  Just massive fuzziness.

Then the physical side effects.

Invega Sustenna is good at lowering your blood pressure when you stand up, and I already have low blood pressure. After nearly blacking out for 3 weeks in yoga, I’m taking a short break until the dizzy, fainting feeling goes away. I’d stand up, and then tunnel vision, sparkles, hearing getting muffled. That means I was about to pass out. I got myself back on the ground or waited it out and didn’t pass out in public, or at home.

Then the twitching. Ugh. My body would twitch in different areas. Just like an electrical zap, *twitch*, it was weird. I was shaking a lot too, especially at yoga, and the more I thought about the shaking, the more I shook. It concerned a couple yoga instructors, but I explained that my meds do this to me.

Yesterday, I had enough. I called my pnurse, and she told me to call my pdoc, so I called him, and got in today. I explained my problems, and that I didn’t want to be on depot injections anymore (as I am medication compliant 100%) and he raised my Seroquel to Seroquel XR 300mg in the morning, 300mg at night, and said if it made me drowsy, to take it all at night.

I got Elavil for sleep, too. It knocks me out, I can sleep now, although I’m waking up earlier. I’m sleeping less (7-8 hours rather than 9-11) but feeling better. I take 100mg of that, but can go up to 150mg.

I have shoulder surgery soon. Maybe this month. Hopefully not. I’m so not wanting to do it. But I have to. I’ve been on the waiting list for a year. Ironically, my shoulder hasn’t been bothering me at all lately. Figures. The rehab.. 9 months.. 3 months before most function comes back.. 1 month in a sling, unable to do anything. Fuck.

Oh well. Gotta do what’s necessary.

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