“For the Love We Bring”

Look Ma - no pilot!

Look Ma – no pilot!

Warning: possible sweariness, certain soppiness.

“Don’t treat your blog as your best friend.” Which is sound advice. Because this blog is never going to buy me a drink at the pub tonight, or ring up unexpectedly, and suggest we go out for a cuppa.

Sometimes, it really is all about me. But it can, and has, rapidly become all about us. Or even, Us. Because – here comes that soppiness, wetter than a longed-for Bank Holiday weekend – I really do believe in all that brother-and-sisterhood of HumanKind happy clappy malarkey.

Another shot from one of my favourite places: Floristry by Lord Hurst

Another photo from one of my favourite places: “Floristry by Lord Hurst”

Recently, I met someone who makes my anger issues seem like a vole-squeak in the dark. Yesterday, I marked what for me is a significant milestone in my life.

Do you ever stop and think about how different your life could have been, if you’d not made what turned out to be a significant decision or three? Or, as Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies examined in the NuWho classic, “Turn Left“, a seemingly minor one?

Writing this, I realise that the most profound thing(s) that ever happened to me grew from a random moment, involving both Doctor Who, and turning.

"Here's to the future, it's only just begun ..."

“Here’s to the future, it’s only just begun …”

I turned channels, to TVOntario. And caught a bit of this, during the course of some idle channel hopping, back at my parents’ house. Back in what the Third Doctor, in his final episode, described as “another life”.

Everything – up to and including, so far, managing to make that milestone – grew from that single channel change.

“There may be trouble ahead” is perhaps the Biggest Lie in the Multiverse. Because there’s always trouble, up to and including the moment there isn’t any more “ahead”.

For now, the birds are out there, eating from our feeder, the foxglove is in bloom, and there’s another cup of tea, and maybe even a toasted teacake, in my immediate future.

So sing. Even if it does have flippin’ banjos.

Spring 2015, the garden begins to bloom

Spring 2015, the garden begins to bloom





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