Right a Wrong

  Just like someone rights and wrong, so too, is the war against the stigma of the mentally ill. I fight for the integrity of my innate illness of not my doing. This is about my survival. My respect from others who have created bias by their own choosing. I won’t let those whose chose to die out of hopelessness. I refuse to let their deaths be in vain. It takes courage to have them come around. It is my courage and yours to speak of our mental illness, to education those who have little knowledge of our everyday struggles. 
  I must take back my daily life to return to the workplace with respect and honor. To no longer retreat, to hide from society and accept one as disabled. Victory will be by my love for all man kind. What is said to achieve equality. My weapon will be a teacher. My sword an advisor. My victory as a diplomate as a voice.

This a my factious view of my fight for the battle against stigma and bias towards all mental illness. Not a delusion of grandeur but a hope of turning a right from a wrong.It’s a vision as a stigma fighter and am a image of success for all humanity. 


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