I think I may have come to the end of this stuff for a while; I’ve run out of funny.

monologue about being a lesbian in a asylum
Hmmm. Here is the post that brought that particular seeker here, which, having reread it, does seem like the monologue of an insane lesbian without asylum, or indeed an asylum. I googled to see where my arb post ranked – last on page one of the results, and all irrelevant to the search term. Ha. The rest were basically plays and asylum seekers; the first being tragically bad, and the second genuinely tragic.

can I change my origin email

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Fucked if I know.


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Gambling is shite. Two words – house wins.

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These big time crooks are out wreck havoc among Gotham City and its millions of
innocent citizens.
This is not the batblog.

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