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Here is a thing I wrote for a new South African bipolar blog – a much needed resource for my country (yes, I am the King of SA). Please make my ego’s day by reading it, and my id’s day by following the blog and letting any South African friends know about it too. It’d be great to get its hits, comments etc up as soon as possible, so that it gets ranked by Google and reaches as many bipolar sufferers here as possible. Then come back here and I will bestow rank and title upon you.

Go forth, loyal subjects, and make me proud. Wait, I mean us; the monarchy gets plurals eh. Oops.

King Blahpolar of Blahfrica

BRB, just reread my words and now doing an Internet quiz diagnosis to check whether I’m psychotic this morning.

*** rg, you have to get involved, because I fully intend to induct you into the dishonourable honorary South African tribe while you’re here ***

Originally posted on our lived experience:

Greetings, Bipolar South Africans!

Sanibonani, Molo, Hallo, Thobela, Dumela, Lumela, Abusheni, Sanibona, Avuwani, Salibonani, Hello!

Friends, humans, bipolar South Africans (and their global groupies), lend me your ears. We are gathered here today at the launch of Our Lived Experience, to bust a bottle of Grapetiser joyfully against her hull and then, in an accent vaguely reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth II, utter the following, “may blog bless her and all who sail in her”.

*eminem voice* Hi, my name is blahpolar, I’m a bipolar blogger…

Seriously though, if you’ve googled for South African bipolar stuff, you may have been as disappointed as I was. I love having access to the entire planet online, but I want local info too. No actually, I need it. You guys know what it’s like; in general we don’t get handed a diagnosis and any psycheducation and help with it. Bam, you’re walking out of…

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