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… okay maybe not beautiful, but bright and bipolar doesn’t sound as catchy.  Here be lots of music and a bunch of other stuff. Yey etc. People look at me sceptically when I say bipolar and its meds are fucking with mah mad word skillz, but they are – and the single redeeming factor is humour. I just read an article where clinicians became chickens every single time.

Tomorrow is South African Bipolar Awareness Day, so there’s an SA section in today’s supersized linkdump.

Sword-wielding bipolar man in elf costume stabs BMW, fights criminal charges in trial.
That is one very funny headline, but the story behind it is tragic. Perhaps that’s an effective way of maximising readership, but what about the poor guy? As if he didn’t have enough difficulties already… This editorial addresses the poor image of mental illness, written by a mental health advocate.

|| Obituaries:

RIP John Nash, Nobel Prize winning mathematician and the subject of ‘A Beautiful Mind’.

RIP Franz Wright, manic depressive and Pulitzer Prize winning poet.

II Bookish:

Review: After the Dance: my life with Marvin Gay, by Jan Gaye.
Review: Down in the River by Ryan Blackletter (YA).  “A wild ride into the mind of a mentally unstable individual who replaces his prescription meds with something a bit more “recreational.””
Headsup:Christina Bruni, author (has schizophrenia).

|| And now let us engage in wry smiles…

Manic Depressive Comics (not updated recently)
But this one has, and it’s always awesome – Beth Evans

Author of Psychiatric Tales, Darryl Cunningham
Colleen Butters, The Truth About Depression.

Blue is a Bipolar Color (Nicole Dawn)

Blue can be happy,
Like blue party balloons

Blue can be sad,
Like a tear down your cheek

Blue can be angry,
Like a stormy dark ocean

Blue can be frightening,
Like your piercing bright eyes

Blue can be hopeful,
Like a new day’s blue sky

Blue can be timid,
Like baby blue walls

Blue can be mysterious,
Like the oceans far depths

Blue is a bipolar color


|| blahpolarbear diaries 


II Science-ish:

Bipolar disorder is often missed in people who misuse alcohol or drugs
Antipsychotic drug use in pregnant women appears to pose minimal risk, new study suggests.
Trials show efficacy of Antipsychotic in treating bipolar disorder.
Case report: Bipolar II or MDD?
Overuse of antidepressants? Let’s take a more nuanced view.

For a very small percentage of individuals, antidepressants can actually trigger a manic or hypomanic episode, causing all hell to break loose. This is possible in individuals who have a bipolar disorder. This should not be confused with the hordes of people who claim to be bipolar, but who instead simply have volatile moods.

Screening for bipolar disorder during pregnancy
Tectonic shift in the conception of bipolar disorder.
How a psychiatrist diagnoses and treats bipolar disorder.
Some people with bipolar struggle to communicate and here’s why. (definitely worth reading)

…  people with bipolar encounter ambiguous facial expressions, related auditory information is unlikely to help them identify the underlying emotional state of the person with whom they’re communicating. This could mean that the brain regions that process information from t when he senses do not communicate well in people who have this disorder.

Asenapine may benefit people in depressive states of bipolar disorder. (If it doesn’t work for you, kindly refer to it as arsenapine tyvm.)
Mood instability common to mental health disorders and associated with poor outcomes.  KING’S COLLEGE LONDON
TORONTO ― Bipolar disorder is being detected at younger ages, but this has not led to a drop in mortality, new research shows. (it’s on Medscape, it’s well worth registering)
Emotion regulation distinguishes bipolar disorder and unipolar depression. (surprising and fascinating)
And the recurring “scientific proof that water is wet” derp award goes to… Earlier Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder is Needed, Say Researchers. Phew! Good to know. Fuckwits.

II And now for something completely hip hop:

Review: Jitta on the Track Bipolar Mixtape

II Opinion and News-ish:

Back in 2001, I experienced my longest bout with hypersexuality.  No matter how often I had sex, it wasn’t enough. I didn’t realize this was not a normal state. This was before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so I was unaware my feelings were abnormal.

BP magazine – Hypersexuality in bipolar disorder. (Yey! Secs!)
Empire Season 2: Andre Picking Up Where We Left Off
Legalised torture of prisoners.

Many of those who die in police custody are bipolar or have otherhave mental health challenges.  And while many officers of the law have not been trained to deal with people with mental health problems, the mentally ill need help, not a fatal bullet.

Often missed warning signs of mental illness.
Bipolar disorder & the balancing act of emotions.
Five Things You Should Learn About Bipolar Disorder And Depression For Mental Health Awareness Month.
Lithium for Spiritual Manic Depression – (I’d like to hear your opinion of this one please.)

Lee Gatiss, in his second address to the recent conference of Evangelicals, described a recent survey of Evangelicals in the Church of England which discovered that not only is the evangelical community divided over whether evangelicalism is having an effect on the church, but that the same division is found in individual Evangelicals—that Evangelicals are suffering from a spiritual bi-polar disorder. We can go from fervent optimism to utter despair in a matter of hours. The cure, of course, is the gospel itself.

|| Afrique du Sud 

south-africa-643456_1280Bipolar Awareness Day in South Africa May 26th 2015. The day also sees the official launch of our lived experience, the tagline is where mental illness has a story, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to write the first one. Eeeeek! Please make it look as though I have more than two friends, by following the blog etc. Thank you dankie ngiyabonga nkhosi.
Randburg Sun: Bipolar Awareness Week
Roller coaster with bipolar.

An estimated 2.5% percent of the South African population suffer from Bipolar Mood Disorder (Bipolar disorder), therefore it is only fitting that Tuesday, 26 May is set aside not only to raise awareness of the devastating effect this illness can have on both sufferers and their families, but also to bring hope that this debilitating disorder can be tamed.

The biPoLar rats are an unsigned punk band (and sadly it shows) from Cape Town.

II People-ish:

Australia – Samantha Brunskill reveals: my life with bi-polar.
‘Suffering in silence’ Family, faith help Cullman man living with bipolar disorder
What Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks) learned from raising a son with bipolar disorder.

Soccer: Adebayor’s silent struggles.
dorinda-490x322-1Hostgator Dotcom wants his facial tattoos removed. Apparently he has also “recovered from bipolar disorder”. O_o also, scary eyes!
Arrrggggh cannot unsee, send mental floss and a mountie!
Australia – Jessica Marais and James Stewart confirm their split.
Nigeria: Stonebwoy is bipolar!

When your dating profile includes mental illness “Empathy and pity are very different.”
IBM – be not afraid.

|| Help wanted (be a paid guinea pig) (if you apply, please read all of the fine print)

Bipolar Disorder? (Houston/Medical Center)
DO YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE BIPOLAR DISORDER? Do you have ups and downs in your mood? Do you have times when you feel blue or depressed? Do you want to understand why by having a full psychiatric assessment? The UT Center of Excellence on Mood Disorders is looking for participants for their research studies on Bipolar Disorder.
You may qualify if you:
• Are 18-65 years old
• Are currently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or suspect you may have Bipolar Disorder
• Are in good physical health
• Are not using illegal drugs
• Are not currently pregnant
You will receive a free study-related psychiatric evaluation, MRI and neurocognitive evaluation.
You may be eligible for study medication.You will also be compensated for participating in the study. For more information, please call show contact info or visit:

Puget Sound Psychiatric Centre
Adolescent Bipolar Disorder (NEW)
Bipolar Disorder is a chronic and disabling mental health with challenging treatment course due its complex overlapping symptoms of high(mania) and low mood( depression)Overly high mood with episodes of overly low moodDistractibility and easy frustrationIrritability and aggression. Restlessness and Hyperactivity. Trouble sleeping. Fast and pressured talking. If your loved has been previously diagnosed Bipolar Disorder, please call at 425-949-5779 ext 108 or e-mail us: WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Children 10-17 yrs  of age. Been previously diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  CONTACT US TO ENROLL Your information will not be shared with any one without your permission.There is no additional cost to you to participation the study, nor you have to pay for the study drug, visits, or procedure that are part of clinical trial. In fact you will be compensated for your time and travel to be a part of this study.


Research Participants Needed for Bipolar Disorder Study ($$) (250 College Street)
Bipolar Depression Brain Imaging and Genetic Study
We are looking for participants with Bipolar Disorder who are currently Depressed
Do you experience some of the following?
• Low Mood
• Low Motivation
• Poor Sleep
• Change in Appetite
• Poor Concentration
• Low Energy
Have you had any of the following in the past?
• Really High Energy
• Not Sleeping for Days
• Talking Really Fast
• Racing Thoughts
• Self-Destructive Behavior
• Hearing Voices
If so, you may be eligible to participate in a brain imaging and genetic study of bipolar depression at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
• Age 18-60 years
• Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Type I
• Currently Depressed
• Not Taking any Street Drugs
• Not Currently Taking any Medication
• Non-smoker
Compensation is Provided.


|| Whut!?

Bipolar Barbie

There was this
Barbie-doll girl I knew
who grew
into a Barbie-doll woman.

She battled some
bipolar disorders
and cocks dressed
in suits, until
one day

it got too much.
She tried gassing
herself in her
car – hose-pipe in
the window affair –

but realized her
car was made
from plastic. Not
to mention that
plastic lungs
can’t do
much in the first place.

I guess plastic
brains don’t
think up

I have no idea…

ok but……… bipolar anders though

bipolar anders not sleeping for days at a time, writing his manifesto and talking to himself, driving himself mad while hawke watches him warily
bipolar anders finally falling asleep and hawke tucking him in and patting his head like a babybipolar anders withdrawing suddenly and refusing to go anywhere unless hawke drags him out on missionsbipolar anders crying alone in his empty clinic until hawke drags him back to their home for some proper carebipolar anders being fed cookies and such by a concerned hawkebipolar anders having symptoms 100x worse after the events at the gallows, having lost all self control and motivation, his self esteem plummeted – and hawke sticking by him, giving him annoying pep talks full of bad puns, and sneaking flowers to his bedside at random moments out of a desperate need to remind anders that he is loved, despite everything, and that even he deserves to be cared for

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