The Bipolar Parent – Q&A with Kitt O’Malley


Kitt gets interviewed quite a lot, doesn’t she? I stumbled upon this one and thought you might be interested too. And if you’re not already following both interviewer and interviewee, get thee hence in all haste and with a dash of speed and do so.

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Kitt O’Malley is a well-respected Blogger and an active volunteer/advocate for mental health. She blogs about her experience with Bipolar Disorder II (BP). I was fortunate enough to get some insight into how having BP has informed her parenting.


Q. How old was your son when you were diagnosed. And what was the diagnosis?

A. When I was eighteen, almost twenty years before I had my son, I was diagnosed with depression. Over twenty years later, at thirty-nine years old, when my son was 27 months, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II.

Q. Mental illness is an ongoing dialogue between a parent and child as they go through their stages of development. In terms of mental illness in general and your  personal struggle with it,how have your conversations, definitions or explanations changed with your son as the years have passed?

A. When my son was four, I…

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