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Incest Survivor

I will soon be 60 and would have to say I have had a good life. That said it has not been an easy life but then whose has been. I have had a better life than some and am thankful every day that I am here and living my life.

My childhood was one that included constant moving from one town to another. There was a lot of emotional and physical abuse (not the ordinary physical abuse of the times but the being thrown against walls and having your head banged against whatever was handy etc) . I never felt safe and I never told anyone, none of us kids did. We didn’t say anything when the incest started either. We were told we would all be killed if we did and we honestly believed it. When I was 15 I did tell my mother who told us she was leaving my father and getting a divorce. Nothing was ever said about that again and she never got a divorce. Why did I stay there? Well someone had to make sure the young ones didn’t have to deal with it. Like I could stop it, right. But that was what I thought at the time.

Then I left home at 17 and meet a young man who told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. Well how do you say no to someone who actually thinks you are lovable? We married and I learned love means more abuse of all kinds. We had 2 girls and when he started to hit them that was it. I was aware enough to know I did not want my girls to live that way. We separated and then divorced. I returned to school and got counselling for the three of us and slowly realized my own worth. I learned I did not make anyone do bad things to me as I was told all my life. It was not my fault I did not make them do it to me. It was a wonderful release to know it wasn’t me I WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE. I do not regret any of my life but sure if I had a choice I would choose a different family but I am who I am now because of all I have survived.

I am a survivor and continue to be one. Life isn’t easy but I have learned how to make it a good one and I have forgiven them and myself. I like me and I like the mom I am, because I learned what not to do from my own mother, father and ex-husband. My girls always tell me they want to be just like me and I guess I can’t get a better higher compliment than that.

My blog is Homemade Naturally and it started out as a way to get information and recipes that I made and researched on a blog. It evolved to more and is now stories, poems, crafts, food recipes and of course I still put out natural product recipes. I also make soap and candles and have added some of those recipes also. I like to provide info on ways to help our planet one baby step at a time. You will find ways to re-use, re-purpose and re-cycle. Hope you stop by and pick a recipe to try at home.

Lemon sugar foot or body scrub

lemon sugar scrub

I use these jars because they have a wide lid and that makes it easier to get the scrub out but you can use any type and use a spoon to dig it out

Lemon Sugar Scrub Supplies:

•       2 1/2 cups granulated sugar; divided

•      1/4 cup coconut oil (almond oil will also work or vegetable oil or jojoba oil)

•      1 lemon (juiced) or 1 tbsp lemon juice concentrate

Whip coconut oil and add sugar and lemon. If you want to make a body wash then add around ½ cup of liquid homemade soap and you have a great wash.

You can make any kind of sugar or salt or sugar and salt scrubs here are some more ideas:  You can use coffee grounds or egg shells or whatever you can think of to make these and they make great gifts by just adding a ribbon and a label.

Brown sugar citrus cinnamon scrub

1/3 cup of Brown sugar

3 Tbsp of coconut oil

10 drops of orange essential oils or zest from a real live Orange/tangerine/mandarin even lemon as long as it is citrusy

1 tsp cinnamon

So whip up your coconut oil for about 2 minutes then add brown sugar, orange and cinnamon.  Place in jar and use as required.

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Same as above only instead of brown sugar use Pretty pink Himalayan salt.  I like to keep the citrus theme going but leave out the cinnamon.

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