the a to z of me

(scheduled post) A fast and fun version of a to z blogging challenges, that I nicked from Astrid. It’s supposed to be done with a word and it’s motivation for each letter. By now you know what me and memes are like.

Alliteration ahoy!


ardent and sometimes arrogant in Africa, too often acerbic, frequently absurd.
badass, brave, boring butch in blue jeans and boots, oh yeah – bipolar.
cowardly, clever, cranky, cuntstruck, careful and careless; condemns the word crazy.
deeply shallow, demented, deranged, deluded, demanding, despairing dilettante.
empty eloquence, erudite entity, effusive, eh…
fine feathered fuckup and a fine, fine friend; says fuck frequently, fumbling fragility.
garrulous, gregarious grouchy girl-man; going, grieving, gone.
handsome humble hardass, horrible hipster, homesick hound.
intelligent idiot introvert with interesting ideas and impossible ideals.
jumpy jester, joker, jerk; jobless jack of too few trades.
kind of kindly, kind of a killer, king of kisses.
lovely and lonely lover of lesbians and laughter; a loser, a lifer, and loud.
moody, muddled, misfit meandering in middle aged mockery.
neck in a noose in the nonery, a noisy, nihilist nerd.
opionated, ordinary, odd; only onanist orgasms now.
playful pillaging, perverted plundering; prudish, polite and pompous.
queer, quiet, questioning, quick to quibble.
ruthlessly rude, reckless, ribald and rueful (regret, remorse, repeat).
strange seeker of serious sea salt skies; a solitary slave to sirens with sorcerer’s smiles.
tattooed, terrified, terrifying, trite; a teasing trickster alone tonight.
uber underdog in unfairly upscale underwear, unfortunately uptight.
very vain, vicious voice, values vaginas and violent views.
wondering wandering, whale watcher, wanker, whore, weaver of words.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman

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