Yoga and Invega Sustenna And Life

I haven’t updated in a while. My old laptop’s keyboard stopped working,  I had to use an external, and the technician came two days late with the wrong part. Then I was told I had to send it in and have them replace it, since it can’t be done on the field by a tech. I could have done it myself, honestly.

I flipped out, and eventually my call got escalated so high they decided to just replace my laptop. So I reinstalled Windows 8 after backing up all my data, complete wipe and reinstall. I was supposed to get the laptop the next day.

No laptop.

A week later, I get an email “Its out of stock”. They order another one. Out of stock. Finally, they order the one I have now (which has delightfully nice specs, i7 core processor, GEFORCE Nvidia driver and 16GB of RAM, to start. The old one was i7, and had 8GB’s of RAM. I got it a week after it was ordered.

I flipped out bad on the phone with my mom one day. She listened to me, let me rant and cry, and then told me that a woman she works with has similar “issues” and finds yoga to help. She said “Don’t go throwing away your pills, but yoga might help”. I live on top of a yoga studio, interesting coincidence. So all I do is walk downstairs for class.

I go to my first class, Gentle Yoga. Everyone but me is elderly, but they’re very welcoming and nice. The first class is free. I went through the hour and fifteen minute class and time went so fast. The studio focuses on mindfulness and staying in the moment, as well as different types of breathing. I was hooked. My mom and I split on an Unlimited pass, so I could go every day if I wanted. I go four days a week.

My doc approves. I still need meds, obviously, but it’s therapeutic for me. The relaxing, the breathing. I like doing the poses and stretching. It’s helped my bad shoulder. I go to Level 1 and Gentle Yoga, as well as Bliss yoga at the end of every month.

I’d recommend yoga for those that have a temper, or bad anxiety. I have a temper AND bad anxiety. It’s so relaxing. And what my mom said: Don’t go throwing out your meds. It’s a good aid. And it’s cheaper than therapy. With the unlimited pass,  pay $15 a week when you work it out.

My old therapist charged $40/hour on the sliding scale (and she was one of the cheaper ones) and she SUCKED. I fired her and started yoga. I don’t recommend firing your therapist and doing yoga in replacement, but this tdoc really, really sucked.

Piportil was giving me warning signs of TD, and I was stuttering on it, involuntary twitches, bad akathasia if I didn’t take Artane in the am and pm (10mg total a day).  So my pdoc switched me to Invega Sustenna, which is given every 4 weeks, instead of every 2, like the Piportil.

So far, so good. I have to go to the hospitals medication clinic for the shots, my GP and his nurse can’t do it, which kinda sucks. The worst is paying for parking. The nurse that gives me the shot is super-nice. I’ve had the two loading doses (150mg for the first, 100mg for the second a week later) and start on 150mg next Friday (May 15th).

The doses are different from the US to Canada, I noticed looking around the internet.  234mg for the first loading dose, 156mg for the second. Weird.

The shot goes into the deltoid (upper arm/shoulder) and isn’t too terribly painful if at all, but there’s a lot of pressure. The nurse is really great. Her daughter horseback rides, so we chat about that. My arm does get sore for about 3 days after. Not super-bad, I can still use it, I can sleep on it, I don’t need painkillers (for the second loading dose, my nurse asked if I had taken anything for the soreness, how bad it was, etc).

Apparently injecting into the deltoid is 30% more effective than in the bum. Interesting! So far the only side effect I’ve had is extra salivation.

The Piportil is’t causing problems anymore, enough is out of my system that the side effects go away. Piportil was great, but even with Artane I had akathasia and EPS. Plus its getting harder and harder to get. It’s understocked and hard to order in.

I’ve been doing web design, PHP, MySQL, riding, lately. Trying to keep myself busy. Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I need to find something special for my mom. I’m getting her a fancy bouquet of flowers from the flower shop down the street. Last year I got her one with a big smiley face cup the flowers were in. She loves yellow smiley faced items. I’ll find something nice there, though.

So that’s life lately.

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