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Title of the year and article of the week: Gout, Urine and Guinea Pigs (scroll down). And apart from that it’s business as usual, research, opinion, music and film.

But first let me pimp my link. I made a bipolar memes page for all the crap I’ve made. Sorrynotsorry.

15 memoirs of mental illness
10 tongue twisting word disorders
21 things nobody tells you about being depressed
10 strange and obscure facts about mental health
10 mental illnesses and their myths
10 things you should never say to someone with bipolar disorder
10 terrific things about bipolar
10 things I hate about bipolar
10 myths about bipolar
10 more myths about bipolar
7 facts and myths about bipolar
25 things only someone with bipolar would understand
10 brutal things you should know about being married to someone with bipolar



Gout, Urine, and Guinea Pigs: The Weird History Of Lithium. “Gather round and I shall tell you a tale! A tale of a mistaken assumption that started a weird, long science odyssey that included urine, steak, and guinea pigs, and ended in a miracle drug.”
Philippines: Boy with bipolar sells books to earn money for law school.
Movie shines light on mentally ill LGBTQ: “More than one in four members of the LGBTQ community suffers from a mental illness, researchers say, and one affected man volunteered his personal life for a movie to raise awareness. Andrew Cristi has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.”
Titanic Titus Andronicus: Patrick Stickles on Why His Band Made a 93-Minute, 29-Track Rock Opera About Manic Depression.

Perky Pundit: Your mental health shouldn’t be compromised because of stigma.
It Takes a Village: The Tragedy and Triumph of Detroit’s Slum Village.

Hether Fortune on leaving White Lung, Dealing with Her Demons, and the Third Wax Idols LP.

South Africa: Maternal mental health – bipolar and baby. (Read this one to see a little of why I say our public psychiatric healthcare is sad/scary.) More about mental health in SA.

Fuzzy thinking in depression and bipolar disorder: New research finds effect is real.
Bipolar Disorder and Failure to Launch Syndrome.  Sally, Age 21: A Case Study Post published by Robert “Bob” Fischer M.D. (explanation of the syndrome)
Bipolar Speech Patterns: A Different Kind of Subtext.
Crazy good: How mental illnesses help entrepreneurs thrive.

Lil’ Chris did not seem ‘different’ before death, says sister.

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