The Myth of Coping, the Lie of Perfection

All you can do  is your best.” – Any parent, friend, health worker, etc., worth a damn

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All too much? You’re not the only one.

My last blog was about how we’ve been sold a pup, about things like coping.

Tell me, do you currently possess:

1) a pulse?
2) the ability to breath?
3) no major injuries caused by yourself (surgery, accidents, and, yes, even minor self harm injuries (1) do not count)
4) a clean conscience regarding current/recent battered spouses, children, kittens, etc? (2)
5) ditto regarding non-petty crime? (2)

Then you should shake yourself by the hand, pat your own back, smoke a kazoo (3), pour yourself a drop of the good stuff (4), and, well, smile.

Because you’re still alive, mate. Remember this?

Whilst there’s life, there’s hope.”

However awful you may feel – including, I wouldn’t be at all surprised, about yourself – then there’s still a chance. A chance to climb out of whatever hole you’re in – financial, personal, physical, mental, emotional, yes, even all of them – and catch a few rays of Beltane light.

2012-05-02 08.54.35That person you passed in the street, who looked fine to you?

Maybe they’re not.

Perhaps, if we could swop problems like swingers swop partners, they’d swop their troubles for yours.

In a beat of their heart. Which, for all we know, may be struggling to beat.

Coping is comparative, and perfection is a pretty lie, pursued by the miserable, and the exhausted.

Have a lovely May Day. Enjoy the flowers, the abundant bird life, and comparative warmth.

“Whilst there’s life …”

Blackbird at the feeder: May Day morning, 2015

Blackbird at the feeder: May Day morning, 2015

This blog was written with thanks to Nimue Brown, Alistair Pearson, and, always, the Beloved. Cheers, guys. Love you, babe.

(1) Whilst self harm isn’t a coping strategy I recommend, for some, it’s a way of dealing with the stress of life.
(2) We all have things in our pasts we regret. And we all have the capacity for change. (I am not saying that this it is easy.)
(3) For more fun with kazoos, listen to Simon Saynor and Alistair Pearson on “The Other Way“, Sunday nights on Sine FM.
(4) Whatever “the good stuff” may mean: beer, wine, whiskey, root beer, “red pop”, Vernors, etc.



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