a-z challenge: x

This is not love, this is compromise.

It’s not x-rated (sorry), it’s x-rayed and although I rather like all x-rays (but not the freakish “how did Billy get that up his nose” kind), I thought I’d write about x-ray art and artists. It’s the sort of stuff that makes my eyes smile, but doesn’t trouble the brain too much. Cool images, interesting compositions, intricate techniques are the descriptors that spring to mind. My mind anyway. It just doesn’t *Sarah Bernhardt pose* speak to my soul, darlings, it simply does not – not even in Esperanto!

The Idiot’s Guide to X-Ray Art


Hi, I’m blahpolar and I’ll be your idiot du jour; help yourself to absinthe, opium, or a quince. Here, for your entertainment, if not edification, is a fast and dirty roundup of x-ray artists I found pleasing and/or interesting. Honestly though, I think it’s high time for humanity to stop x-raying flowers and start remembering cyanotypes. I weeded those artists out of the selection.

Dutch dude Ben Kruisdijk draws on x-rays and I say meh in their general direction. The one of the goat is sweet. I bet he’s tall, Dutch men seem tall in general?

Nick Veasey does however many x-rays he needs for the piece and then photoshops them together. I like a lot of his stuff for its lines and balance.

Wim Delvoye is into gothic stuff – he’s Belgian, so it’s not too edgy. (Oops) His splash page is fun and in his tattoo section, you can see the fugliest ma…okay I’m going to shuttup now. Except – lots of intricate things and tattooed pigs too. Why did I do T is for tattoos?!


The Smithsonian intones things like “walks the line between photography and radiology”, bless them. Brb notifying Johnny Cash.
XRay Pics is a WordPress blog which does what it says on the tin.

After wandering through it all, a very familiar question swam quietly to the surface; wtf is art, what isn’t art and does it matter anyway? Those of you who are into Coca-Closure, the answers are yes, no and depends, respectively, and for those of a more philosophical bent, the answer is three toothpicks and a gecko.

To be quite frank, however, I wouldn’t have spent more than ten minutes browsing it if only I liked xylophones or Xerxes or something. Should’ve gone with x-rated, it’s always a good choice.


I’m so fucking bored now, I refuse to write any more.

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