the effing prestigious blahpolar blog award thingy

Silly Sassfrass nominated me for an award with no rules. I pawed the ground, skipped through a flowery meadow, stopping only to snuggle a llama, and now here I am.

The rules are so mellow that they believe bipolar can be cured by butterflies. Feel free to reject me, my dog and the entire nation of blah by ignoring this award – as long as you’re cool about the ensuing armpit acne that pops up it’s pimply little head within 4.78 days of your failure to comply entirely valid choice. Do what I tell you Feel free to interpret my edicts relaxed rules however you like.

Step right up, using your femurs; you dreamers and screamers and schemers and lemurs and meme-ers, with your misdemeanours in paddle steamers …

nye | blush and do that flapping your hands agitatedly near your chin as though you’re fanning  flames thing.
mbini | prepare an acceptance speech in the style of Sally Field.
ntathu | help yourself to one of the automatically generates handcrafted award images, but only if you feel inclined to do so.
ne | copy my explicit instructions suggestions, if you want to.
ntlanu | insert into and paste on to a fresh new post of your own, if you feel like it.
ntandathu | obey interpret my challenge to you to the letter however you want.
xhenxe | fire a pingback (and by that I mean ‘like to’) at this post if you’d like to ensure my usual bs erudite comments on your post.

20150419045533876Pick one / none / any / many:
tee | describe your first thoughts on waking, in the style of a Raymond Chandler private dick eye.
pêdi | describe the view from your window as though you were imprisoned.
tharo | write a conversation between you and your favourite singer.
nnê | write a poem about your underwear.

And now, *excited rustling of paper and a flirty look exchanged with co host* the nominees are …
Sufferin’ Sassafrass
Dyane ‘potty mouth’ Double-Barrelled Surname – Proudly Bipolar
Donna Spanglishia Quixote – My Spanglish Familia
roughghosts the reviewer
morgueticia ‘smackabitch’ atoms
k ‘gangsta’ bailey

I used my top 6 commenters in order of mouthiness (check stats) to pick nominees, hopefully they’ll be the ones most likely to see this post and might even accept this thingy prestigious award. Also, I love them.

Disclaimer: no unicorns were smacked in the creation of this post.


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