Do you have ADHD?


Be alert that these children can grow up to have bipolar.

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This list is an overview of what ADHD symptoms in children may look like. It is not meant to be used for diagnosis. Only a trained doctor can provide a diagnosis.

  • Symptoms of Inattention

  • Often makes careless mistakes and lacks attention to details (Examples: overlooking or missing details or handing in work that’s inaccurate)
  • Often has difficulty paying attention to tasks or while playing (Examples: difficulty remaining focused during class, conversations, or lengthy readings)
  • Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly (Example: mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of obvious distraction)
  • Often fails to follow through on instructions, schoolwork, or chores (Example: starts tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily sidetracked)
  • Often has difficulty organzing tasks and activities (Examples: messy, disorganized work; poor time management)
  • Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to participate in tasks requiring sustained mental effort, like schoolwork or homework
  • Often…

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