Big Pharma and a Bipolar Life

Originally posted on The Life in Writings of Emily Simone Lukaszek:

     In the 90’s, at the young age of ten, a child psychiatrist considered medicating me for my severe depression and suicidality. In the early 2000’s, at the age of fourteen, I was finally put on medication by my family doctor. It was supposed to help my eating disorder symptoms. The first one I received some negative side-effects so I was put on another, which I remained on -unmonitored- for over a year.

     What noone knew during this time was that from as early as seven years old, a life-long illness of Bipolar Disorder was budding. It began with the morbid depression, and then one day I simply woke up…happy. Reflecting now, this would appear to be my first hypo-manic episode, at the end of sixth grade. What many don’t know is treating Bipolar Disorder with anti-depressants can spike the person into mania. This is quite probably…

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