Invega Sustenna & Yoga

Well, a lot has gone on since I updated last. The snow has stopped and the temperature is rising!

My mood has been good, no episodes, out of the horrible mixed episode I was in before (probably why I wasn’t updating) and no psychosis. However, the Piportil depot injection was giving me EPS (extrapyramidal symptoms), some involuntary twitching and movements, stuttering and bad akathasia (inner and outer restlessness) so my pdoc switched me to Invega Sustenna.

I like the Invega Sustenna because it’s every 4 weeks, rather than every 2, and goes in the arm, not the glutes. I had my first shot Friday and had some mild sedation after, nothing bad. I have to go to the injection clinic at the hospital, not my GP anymore, which kinda sucks, but the nurse there is great. She’s very nice and very thorough.

I had to do a lot of paperwork before the first shot (a loading dose of 150mg, next week I go for a second loading dose of 100mg, then it’s 100mg every 4 weeks) to make sure I understood. My pdoc confirmed that I have schizoaffective bipolar disorder, with a “fair” prognosis, which is good. Could be worse.

The shot was pretty easy, left my arm sore (it’s still a bit tender today, Sunday, but nothing major) and no side effects so far. The main one is to watch prolactin levels, but they didn’t go up on Risperdal Consta, which is worse for that.

I had a complete meltdown on the phone with my mom, and she suggested I try yoga. I live above a yoga studio, we share the same building, so I went in for a free trial class in Gentle Yoga (I have to be careful because I have a torn rotator cuff). Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The oldest man there is 92 years old! He’s a singer. He welcomed me right away and chatted my ear off. He’s awesome!

I found after the first session I was very relaxed after and so I signed up to take 2-3 classes a week. I’m going to Meditation & Bliss yoga next Friday and Gentle Yoga on Monday. I sleep better on yoga days, and its teaching me some methods on how to stay calm and relax. I got a lime green yoga mat and some gray pants, and purple leopard print pants. I enjoy it a lot.

I’d upload more pics, but my laptop is broken, I just backed everything up and formatted and reinstalled Windows 8, so I’m running on the bare bones until my replacement gets here. It’s been two weeks and no replacement. Not happy. It took me 16 hours on the phone and 6 escalations to get them to send me a new laptop.

Plus, a technician came to fix it, they had given him the wrong part, and the keyboard (which is toast) can’t be fixed on site. The tech told me if I sent my laptop in, they’d probably just replace it. He didn’t show up on the scheduled day, didn’t call, and then showed up on the Sunday (6 days after I made the first call) and didn’t fix anything. He tried to get me to work for him, but hasn’t emailed me the specifics (it’d be web design) and told me he’d never buy a [brand name removed] device. WOW, this guy is a real winner…

Also, I’m having a contest on my other blog. Check it out here at Craftasaurus Rex.

I started riding again, the weather has gotten better. I missed it all winter!


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