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A linkdump of links (obviously) about neurological disorders – mostly bipolar.

Smartphone data as electronic biomarker of illness activity in bipolar disorder (free registration required)

Middlesex University student’s gadget could help people with bipolar disorder – the “Aware” wristband. (I hope they’ve fixed their glaring typos by now)

Mental Health Apps (Natasha Tracy) Take a survey about what apps you want here. I did it, it’s quick and you can win a Starbucks voucher. Kinda ironic considering …

Starbucks: Would a depressed manager be given extra time off during depressive episodes? I doubt it. Would a bipolar barista receive extra breaks throughout her shift when the pressure of a large crowd creates hallucinations and anxiety? I doubt it.
Bipolar Barista: check ‘yes’ for disability


Bipolar disorder by its very nature is dynamic. It is easy to be caught up in the bipolar pattern of symptoms and to find oneself chasing symptoms and the constant changes in the condition rather than proactively managing the illness. In this process of developing a systematic proactive management plan, I believe we can also teach our patients how to proactively manage their symptoms and their concerns.
A Guide to Managing Bipolar Disorder

I think it’s worthwhile registering on Medscape; it’s aimed at the medical etc profession mostly, but who cares.


DSM 5 Should Not Expand Bipolar ii (Psychology Today)

A while back, a doctor diagnosed me with a type of bipolar disorder instead of something else I had thought I had, and I sat there blankly. She was worried I was going to panic and bolt, because apparently that’s common with the diagnosis. Instead, though, I was thinking the thought that probably everyone on this site will recognize which was time to learn a lot about this by reading a lot of books.
Buy Borrow Bypass – books about bipolar disorder

I liked the intro, but the rest is brief and predictable. There are only five books and you guys know/have read/own all of them. Included for the last sentence of the quote, which was my reaction too. Give him a click though – it’ll show that there’s significant interest in the subject.

If you’re living with a mental illness, you’re in good company. Disease doesn’t discriminate; One in four people suffer from mental illness, and yet the stigma still remains. Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor contains stories of hope, despair, and hilarity by writers who are walking the mental health journey, as they discuss their experiences with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder and more.
Book: Surviving Mental Illness Through Humour

“You’d be surprised how many other people have run naked down the street during a psychotic episode.” (Victoria Maxwell)
The Power of Storytelling

ROYAL OAK – Set to a thrilling pop-rock score, Pulitzer Prize-winning “Next to Normal” offers an intimate portrait of a family dealing with bipolar disorder that is at once devastating, honest, heartbreaking – and unexpectedly humorous. The musical runs April 17 through May 3 on the 2nd Stage at the Baldwin Theatre, 415 S. Lafayette, in downtown Royal Oak.
Prize-Winning Musical Packs Emotional Punch

If my mother saw I wrote this it would kill her, so in case you ever do, mom I love you. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Every choice I have made I have tried to do with the best interest of both of us. Every experience I have had through this has made me stronger and made me who I am today, but I want it to be easier for my kids.
My mom has bipolar disorder & I’m terrified that I do too (Catherine Brooks)

Know what I like about that title? It’s both honest and very sensible. The article is too – and as it comes from someone with a lifetime of experience observing bipolar, her opinions are definitely worth listening to.

Waiting 14 years for a diagnosis – one Burton woman shares the story of her battle with the mental  health system – Bipolar ii

Adam Lanza: Mom shares challenges in meeting son’s mental health issues

Old folk singing fart writes fuckwitted lyrics: Bipolar Baby. World doesn’t give a shit.

Life Lines: For an artist with amnesia, the world takes place through her pencil. (An interesting longread and an even more interesting person.) Illustrator and pilot, Lonnie Sue Johnson suffered a virus which affected her hippocampus. {on WordPress}

“Her whistle-while-you-multitask disposition is intact, if not intensified; she is a very American amnesiac.”





The blah, bitch, grumble section

If the market was a patient in a doctor’s office looking for an explanation of the recent up-one-minute, down-the-next behavior, bipolar disorder would be the most likely diagnosis. Also known as manic-depressive illness, bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels. Oh, and according to the National Institute of Mental Health, symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe.
Any of that sound familiar when thinking about the price action seen in the stock market over the past five months or so?
State of the Markets: a Severe Case of Bipolar Disorder

It is no secret that the weather, economies and governments are often described as bipolar (and not in the literal and practical way it’s used in the field of electronics), but the above is the most nosehaircurlingly annoying example I’ve seen so far. All those psuccessful psychopaths running around the stock markets … grumble.

Here is a Bipolar Mind Original Mix by Jhon Rojo, Pasquale Perrini. Unlike the first item in my bitchlist, when it comes to music, I feel that some latitude is in order. If it’s good, we claim it; if not, we kick its ass back to stigmaville. No idea what this one’s like; I couldn’t get it to play so I stalked off in a huff.

Disclaimer: it’s impossible to get a true picture of anyone’s point of view and thus apply it to other situations or hypotheses, unless we know the full diagnosis, treatment and circumstances of the bipolar person/s under discussion.


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