Meet Luke 

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A fair warning was given when I mentioned my furry son. Meet Luke R. Huynh! I adopted this odd ball at the SPCA almost a year ago. I’m not going to lie, it was a hasty decision. I did very little work into looking for a dog. I was at work, restless, discovering my anxiety, and just said fuck it.. IM GETTING A DOG TODAY! I’m slightly impulsive at times and this impulsive decision, well, it didn’t turn out like I thought. At least in the beginning.

You see the thing with anxiety (at least for me) I was looking for ways to ignore the situation versus accepting it and tackling it head on. I figured Luke was going to help me fight this. Boy was I wrong.

The first two nights I had him I cried a lot. I was overwhelmed with this new responsibility that i impulsively decided…

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