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It has come to my crappy attention span, that by ay to zedding unnecessarily over the weekend, I’ve done too many letters so far. While I tread water and think of wtf to do for H, here is a non commercial and non psychotic break …

*plays catchy jingle*


MORE LINK LINK, LESS YADDA YADDA! Kindly peruse the links I have dumped and feel free to spear one/many/none with one of those spiky things used for picking up litter. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! My snarky comments in italics. AND THAT’S NOT ALL! Actually yeah, that is all.


Santa is Bipolar – in Malta at least. He’s also been stable for 17 years.
Big Love – getting beyond a 100lb weight gain.
A (Manic Depressive) Man’s Best Friend – a pitbull called Pavlov.

No, psychiatry could not have prevented the Germanwings disaster – Gary Greenberg
Lessons of Grief – Amy Butcher. What happens when your friend suffers a psychotic break and kills his girlfriend?
Bob Burns (Lynrd Skynrd) dies – original drummer for the band, bipolar.

Living a Full Life with Bipolar – Richmondite Derek Yeung has written a book on his experiences.
Song: Bopolar Love – Pembroke Tenneson
Favourite Songs About Bipolar (PsychForums)
Film: Rocks in my pockets – drawing on depression.
Feature Doc on Trials & Triumphs of Former WNBA Player Chamique Holdsclaw Nearing Completion – Chamique Holdsclaw
Hrithik to Rani – mentally impaired characters in Bollywood.

Charles Hamilton Asks HipHop to Have a Heart regarding his bipolar disorder.
Minn. native Mary Hemingway, wife of Ernest, memorialized in Bemidji

Psycheducation & the War on Stigma
Bopolar Network News April 2015. BNN!
Sleep Patterns Appear Impaired in Inter-Episode Bipolar (China)
My child has bipolar disorder but please don’t punish her for it.
The lowdown on mental health support groups
Matters of the Mind ( In conversation with a woman who has been living with bipolar disorder for the last four decades.
When the brain turns on itself – Stigma of mental illness still hinders help.
Suicide attempts in bipolar adolescents more common when ADHD present.


Anger Management Punchbags

How to Cure All Mental Illness Without Medical Help
I didn’t let this condition happen. It’s not my mental or physical condition. I loved Jesus too much to assume her position. I am the queen of humility. I tortures me to tell anyone anything that exults me. It killed me to the group here that I maybe God/Jesus. I was woken up to a state of being that I seem to not even want to accept. I feel unworthy. I feel what you tried to make me feel. My psychiatrist tried to tap into it because I did write a book about Jesus. She read it. She was trying to make me write another one. I’m going through an spiritual awakening. I am not interested in being a God. I only have allow it process inside me because of my love for humanity and God. I wouldn’t turn my back on either. So before you advise people to admit themselves to hospital, make sure you rule out that they are what they thin they are. “Sometime a cigar is a cigar,” said Freud. I have concrete reasons to believe I have been woken up to something. I’ve been told I recreated myself to be with humanity. I spent 51 years doing that. Remember Jesus was called a drunk and crazy/demonic person. You don’t even know the truth about mental illness. Maybe you are closer to God than someone who calls herself/himself sane in this insane mental institution called “da world.” (By menopausalme)

Dear menopausalme,
Please feel free to indulge your psychosis – we’ve all been there, we know that feel. For the love of blog, however, please never ever say the words “da world” again. Never. Not ever.
Yours in medication,

Things That Make You Go #!×£/!×£!!!!!!
Inmate attempted suicide after St. Charles sheriff cut off her meds. (Yet another asshole treats bipolar person like shit. Lawsuit ensues.)
World’s Wildest Police Chases – bipolar check forger. (Asshole shoots cheap shot sensationalist crud, let’s go shoot asshole.)

Agony Aunt
Bipolar, off meds, my wife doesn’t love me. (Blahnswer: take your damn meds!)
What are some theories about bipolar disorder and some possible intervention techniques? (Asshole crowdsources homework.)
What is rapid cycling? You just got served son, thank you for flying blahpol-air.


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