Happy Easter!

happy easterThis post was written over a few days starting on Thursday the 2nd.

Now you’ll remember my exciting experience with the Lexapro/ Fetzima switch out. The headaches finally went away and I was doing pretty good. Unfortunately, my husband got sick as soon as we came home from Las Vegas. He caught some sort of crud…not sure what it was…had a fever, bad cough, aches, headache, sore throat, and exhaustion.

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like it at all when my husband gets sick. I am sort of at loose ends when he is down in bed. He gets very cranky and won’t let you help him. You can ask him a hundred times “Do you need anything?” and he will always say no. So he just lays there and sleeps. It’s very quiet then and I’m not sure what to do.

Now he was sick for a full two weeks. He wouldn’t go to the doctor because he said he was getting better every day. However, he was still coughing and tired. I slept downstairs, washed my hands a lot, and tried to stay away from him. He finally started to perk up. The next morning I woke up with a sore throat and we started all over again.

bunny and chick

Lily with her bipolar riding along!

So it’s Thursday night and I am still sick. A nice fever, great cough, and sore throat. The headache and body aches have left. I have my friends here DayQuil and NyQuil. (I did not check for any drug interactions…oh, well.)

It’s weird to be actually physically sick when you have bipolar and are down. In a weird way, it feels good. People can hear you coughing and gagging. My husband just had this so he knows how bad I feel. It’s strange but my mood has improved since I’ve been physically sick. No one wants me to cook as I will infect them. I can lay around without guilt.

Now it’s Thursday and I’m a little nervous. Easter is Sunday and all I want is to go to church for one hour and eat a meal. A very simple meal. The complicated part will be getting that shower and prepping that dinner. So let’s see how I do tomorrow (Friday),


These are Lily’s blog followers anxiously awaiting her next thrilling post!

So Friday came and went and we are on to Saturday at noon. I am still sick, but things are looking up. I still have that horrible cough, so I try not to move. If I get up and go walking around, I feel pretty weak and want to go lie back down. My throat is still sore. Thank goodness I have no headache! That’s an Easter miracle within itself.

I decided to be proactive about Easter. Instead of worrying about whether I would make it here or there, I just decided I wouldn’t. This took all kinds of pressure off. So I told the kids not to worry about going to church. (They were thrilled.) And you know, it’s not just that I am really weak, it’s my desire not to spread this illness around. Both my husband and I have been down 1-2 weeks with it. Nobody else needs that just so I can sit at church for an hour. And they put our services online anyway so I can watch it on there.

My kids will get Easter baskets as always. My husband does this and he really enjoys it. They will also be having an Easter egg hunt. I had to laugh as my 27 year old daughter groaned when we told her this. She said “Mom, we are not five!”. But we have a surprise for them. We are putting slips of paper in the eggs with denominations of money on them.  We’re not going to tell them till right before the hunt. I’ll bet they move really fast.

We’re having a very simple Easter dinner. My pretty Easter tablecloth will have to hang unused in the closet this year. We’re going to have a ham as my husband can put this in the roasting pan and turn on the oven. We’re having potato salad and rolls and cherry pie purchased from the store. We’re cooking barbeque beans in the slow cooker. And my daughter is making a fruit salad. We’ve got cute paper Easter plates and napkins. So, really, not bad. A bipolar with a bad respiratory crud’s Easter Day. And I know if I didn’t have the crud I could have gotten up and done the tablecloth and all. And maybe have made it to church.

I cleared my calendar for this week in case I still feel weak. It wasn’t too hard. My goal is to give everything a good try NEXT Sunday and next week. Try to get to church, back to my women’s and bipolar support group. Speaking of which…there is a girl in my bipolar group who is pretty depressed and has been for a while. We haven’t seen her at group for a few months. I guess she came the other day and missed me. So she texted me! I don’t think she reaches out a lot so I was flattered. So I’d like to get back and maybe get her to have some coffee or something.

My youngest turns 21 on Thursday. No, I don’t feel old or sad or nostalgic. I feel relieved. That means if anything happens to me they are really all adults. I know they need me still for advice and support. But they have their dad. It takes a lot of pressure off. And I am all about less pressure.

So Happy Easter! I hope you are up and around and feel good. I hope you have no family fights! I hope the bunny brings you exactly your favorite candy.

And thank you for supporting my blog. It means a lot.


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