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I’m taking a little alphabreak from the a-z challenge … mixin’ it up a little etc etc.

My favourite section of my blog stats is the search terms that transport unknown people from google to blahpolarland. On the whole I don’t care much about the sensible ones,  apart from the sad fact that phrases around the concept of negative stereotypes about bipolar are light years ahead of all the others. I like the search terms right at the bottom of the list, the ines that have only been used by one lost or strange person. I don’t want them to wander sadly around cyberspace with no answers, so I shall provide some.


Anhedonic quotes
I can’t be bothered to answer this one. I’m very meh about it.
And I devil
Begone, I am not signing a soul mandate tyvm.
Lesbian quotes and sayings about love
Is that a silicon packing cock, or are you just pleased to see me?
Aged life love
You bastard, I am a mere 44 years old.
Blah sunday
Sunday blah dee Sunday. Or Everyblah is like Sunday. Everyblah is silent and grey.
fucking thanks
It’s a fucking pleasure.
Wtf is bipolar
It’s a meteorological adjective. Apparently.
Did you go out last night
Creativity and madness 2015
It’s early in the year, but I’ll do my best. Eep whirrrrr tweet chkchkchk … brb knitting a novel. Will that do?
Bipolar festering
Mine too.
Live video latest girl pissing
How much are you willing to pay? How late would I have to be?
Lithium day 10
Take probiotics for the skin, drink more, but no more than 4l a day, stock up on anti nausea pills, get a blood lithium test every time you increase the dose and don’t scratch that, it’ll only make it worse.


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