diaries of a broken mind

A BBC3 documentary (1hr28mins) in which mentally ill British youngsters film and tell their own stories. They discuss all the usual topics and interview their loved ones. I’m not doing a very in depth review of this one. I think what is relevant to it, is the age of the participants and the home movie format. The other thing that is glaring, is that the participants were overwhelmingly female and Caucasian. I find warts ‘n all, first person stuff fascinating; it isn’t the best doccie I’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the worst.

Watch it on YouTube.

Here we go …

Abby – bipolar ii, anorexia
Tilly – anorexia nervosa
Bex – agoraphobia
Jess – dissociative identity disorder
Ashley – bipolar i
Sophie – emetophobia, anxiety
Tom – anxiety, depression, addiction
Klera-Rose – social anxiety disorder (pictured below)



Questions posed:
When did you notice your condition?
Is there a stigma attached to mental illness?
Do you take medication?
What do you miss out on due to your disorder?
Would you get rid if your condition if you could?


I feel old.

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