a-z challenge 2015: a

You guys know I’m an attention seeking memes-with-questions whore, so the a-z challenge is right up my alley.


There needs to be a theme and the theme I choose is … lurve. Although I am a pessimist realist, I love hard too. In order to *barf* accen-tuate the *blergh* positives, I shall confess (errday but Sunday, as per meme rules) to things that I love. Things, not people. This is an anonyblog after all.

And the letter of the day is …


Alliteration. It’s simply stupendous and I am astonishingly awesome at it and if it’s thanks to the bloody bipolar verbal quirks, idc.

Animals. I don’t prefer them to humans (or humans to them). I love and respect (almost all of) them though. I grew up with animals and have worked with them; I can do the hard stuff as well as the cuddly stuff. I think that’s how love should be.

Arrow the TV series and arrows as in archery. All of the aforementioned because they’re just plain hot.

Asylum. It’d be great to haul this word away from its horror movie connotations and back to the definitions of shelter and protection from danger. It’s a truly lovely word then.

Anatomical drawings. Take it away Leonardo “I’m not a ninja turtle” da Vinci.


Androgyny. I did it well when I was younger, it doesn’t work now (apart from sowing gender confusion around), but I love seeing it in others. Love. It.

Air force blue, alice blue, azure, ao, aero, aqua.

Analysis. I do love to analyse – myself, you, life, the universe and everything.

April Fools jokes online. Nooooooot pranks irl. And I usually like the ones by Ikea best; here’s this year’s effort.


Moar from this year here.

Abyss. And to divert it from the gloom of Nietzsche (although I am partial to gloom), there are some prettier definitions.
1. a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm.
2. anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite:
the abyss of time.
3. the primal chaos before Creation, the infernal regions; hell, a subterranean ocean.

I might do one thing I love for the next post, in more detail. Idk. We shall see.

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