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Depression didn’t make the Germanwings copilot kill 149 people. I’ve been thinking about this a lot (we all have) and the only thing I could think of that might cause it, that is linked to depression, is psychosis.

The next one is for Zoe:
Follow this link to find out why.

Why World Bipolar Day? I am a little perplexed by this, “Take notice towards strangers, acquaintances, and perhaps loved ones with eccentric personalities and unstable moods.” Brb going out on the streets to diagnose biolar y’all.

Fighting stigma the bipolar day way – Serena Goldsmith, the “shining star of bipolar”. (I would like to be known henceforth as the dark matter of bipolar, tyvm.)
My brother’s struggle – Yale Daily News
Bipolar depression overview of the phenomenology, diagnosis, and clinical course of bipolar depression and review of various treatment approaches including phar-macotherapy, alternative treatments, and psychosocial interventions.
Life with postpartum depression and undiagnosed bipolar 1: I thought I was a bad mom.
Bipolar Barbie – poem (I’m in two minds about the meaning/intention of this one, but I think it’s rather well done).
UBC – Canadians with bipolar and memory problems wanted for study.
Women diagnosed with depression may be bipolar – Compared to men with bipolar disorder, women with bipolar disorder have heightened chances of developing simultaneous or overlapping symptoms of mania and depression rather than separate bouts of these extreme changes in mood.
Bipolar patient clings to hope of normal life one day – praises electroconvulsive therapy. (Carrie Fisher does too.)
Misdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, Part II
Case discussion of distinctions between bipolar, borderline personality and ADD
Psychiatric Myths Dispelled by Doctor – Fighting Antipsychiatry, Or How Antipsychiatry Groups are Wrong – Natasha ” Bipolar II disorder may be a syndrome that runs in families and is underdiagnosed – See more.
2 new bipolar websites with 2 new online tools.
Is this 69yr old woman the oldest person to be diagnosed with bipolar?
Ammi – a bipolar story from Malaysia.
Chinese factory owner diagnosed with bipolar after handing out iPhones to staff.
Bangkok – it’s time to talk about mental illness.
Dealing with the side effects of bipolar meds.
Does Empire get bipolar right?

The latest in offensive wankery from Urban Dictionary, here is the link
in case you can be bothered to downvote it. *shrugs off UD dismissively*


Like, oh em geeeee, Netflix Motherfucker.

Unless this woman really is bipolar, she can stick her adjectives up her … nevermind, she already has stabbing pains in her vagina. However – I hope she feels better soon and I hope she doesn’t have bipolar.


On a cheery note, I’m starting to see my own blog in bipolar news alerts (today it was my reblog of Kitt’s bipolar day post). *cuddles blog*

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