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“Dragonface” cover art by Tom Brown

Some fiction for you

What! No Pudding?

Here is a link to a recording of me reading “What! No Pudding?“, a short story from the collection of the same name, about Professor S Fiendish and his best friend, Harold Harold Seal.

The story was part of the 28 March broadcast of “Book It!”, a radio show about books and writing which I present for Sine FM. To listen to the programme in full, click here for the hour long podcast.

To purchase the “What! No Pudding?” collection from Amazon, click here.

To look at a picture of an iguana (1), click where it says “an iguana”. (2)

If you now fancy some pudding, you might want to pop to the shops. Or the shelf with the baking books. Or maybe a friend’s house, if the shops are closed, and you’ve run out of eggs. (3)

Or maybe even an IHOIP (International House of Interstellar Pancakes).

Pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for tea.

Pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for tea.

Another short story collection, “Koi Carpe Diem“, with another cover illustration by the talented Tom Brown, is due out later this spring.

(1) What? You don’t like iguanas?

(2) No, not the second iguana, the first one.

(3) You might want to add that to your shopping list.

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