a posi+ive linkdump

Just because I’m sceptical doesn’t mean I’m right. It gets better, you got this etc etc. Ahem. Just to prove that I am still me, here is a video called the stigma of thinking positive. Now without further ado(n’t), here is the happy …

Here’s a great piece: Why a World Bipolar Day? Don’t forget it’s on the 30th.

Bipolar taught me that I’m a gift not a burden – a letter to bipolar.
bp magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Stigmatized Schizophrenia gets a rebrand.
Beth Hart battled bipolar.
Bipolar has its upside, patients say.
The best things in my life from having bipolar – finding optimism.
This is what mental illness actually looks like. “Putting A Face on Mental Illness,” illustrates the humanity of mentally ill people—making them subjects, not objects of derision, scorn and misunderstanding.
Bill Oddie: my family values.


Life and work of Derek Hess examined in a new film.

“My hope is that the film inspires people to greatness through Derek’s life story. I also hope the film gives people with mental illness a bit of comfort in the fact that bipolar disorder is not a disease that has to make you a societal pariah, but rather a personal affliction that can be channeled as a gift, and can propel you into greatness. The film creates a strong link between creativity and bipolar disorder, I feel the film will help educate people on the effects of biploar disorder and how a diagnosis of the disease is not necessarily a weakness. But can be channeled into a gift and leveraged as a strength. Alleviating the stigma of mental illness through dynamic storytelling and a relatable subject.”
Nick Cavalier

The Harvard Bipolar Program leader, Dr. Sachs, says, “here’s your exercise program: go to the door, look at your watch. Walk 7.5 minutes in any direction, then turn around and walk home. Do that 5 days a week at least.” source

While it may sound surprising to put “bipolar” and “positive” in the same sentence, an analysis published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in February 2011 found that having bipolar disorder may enhance “certain specific psychological characteristics … that are generally viewed as valuable and beneficial morally or socially.” source

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