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Thank you for choosing to fly BipolAir; today we will be swallowing the red pill and the blue pill and tailspinning into the proverbial rabbit hole affectionately known as “the internet”. Your pilot today is Salvador Dali and we can’t offer any further info, because he seems to have melted the instrument panel.

Here is an actual photo of an actual plane here in SA. Kulula: the funniest airline in the world.


Let’s pretend that’s what we’re in now.

Without further tenuous connections and clumsy attempts at comedy … THE LINKDUMP!

Sciencey & Socio things:

This fascinating link via bipolar1blog is a great read. It deals largely with psychosis. How come animals don’t get schizophrenia?

” …youth with bipolar disorder were more likely to show limbic hyperactivity and cortical hypoactivity during emotional face processing than youth with unipolar depression.” source

Bipolar Attraction“When you look at people in institutions, you’ll see the people with similar diagnosis sitting together, without even knowing each other’s diagnosis.”


Artish things:

“That woman. That woman. Her broken mind has changed her permanently. Manic depression. Bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia. These are words I will learn later to understand what is “wrong” with her.”

Film review: Infinitely Polar Bear ☆☆☆
“A manic-depressive mess of a father tries to win back his wife by attempting to take full responsibility of their two young, spirited daughters, who don’t make the overwhelming task any easier.”
(Sydney Morning Herald).

A documentary I’d like to see is Walking Man, father-son filmmaking duo of Mark and Eric Norwine (both bipolar), who walked a total of 200 miles across Missouri to get people talking about mental health.

A poem called Manic Depression.

Helpy things:

MoodDiary BETA is yet another mood tracker. You input what you want to track and how often you’d like to be nagged about it; it generates a colour coded calendar of moods and customisable graphs. I was using eMood bipolar tracker, but am now trying this because reasons of extreme, severe and incurable laziness and…ooh look – a butterfly!

ZOMGWTF things:

The Nightmare of Prison for Individuals with Mental Illness – this is certainly not a new issue and not a new discussion, but it still matters enormously.

Dafuq … this one speaks for itself …
Bipolar Chick “Have a taste of pure destructive power by playing that free game on your android phone or tablet! Help the mad Bipolar Chick to go as far as possible without dying.”


On the upside, the stupid fecking game had only been downloaded 50 times when I looked.

This goes against the grain, but it was too surreal (pls note that I am absolutely not using the word funny) not to share. I loathe the Daily Mail and I do not like listing tragedies, but but BUT …
‘Bipolar’ man randomly attacked woman with a medieval mace as she was walking her dog in California – my initial reaction is why is ‘bipolar’ in quote marks, followed by what do less demented and scuzzy news sources say about it? Most sources don’t mention bipolar at all. Man Who Allegedly Beat Woman With Mace Posed With Similar Weapon On Facebook (CBS Sacramento). Of course, the bipolar link still needed investigation, and here it is. KCRA said, Neighbors said he is bipolar, sometimes stops taking his medication and recently lost his mother to pneumonia. Perhaps the quote marks denote hearsay. The other thing that interested me was the fact that he might be charged with mayhem. I didn’t know it was a legal/criminal term. I’m quite surprised nobody uttered “LARP” at this photo (from his fb).


Please will someone with better Google Fu than mine find out what “It’s Your Standard Bipolar Debate Dripping with Pessimism.” means? When I saw mention of the word Tesla, I (naturally!) thought of Nikola Tesla, which made me think electricity, which made me think aha, because bipolar is a legit term in terms of electric things. But nope, they sell cars.

Bipolar things that aren’t bipolar things:



– no links on those due to my laziness.

Things that don’t fit with the other things:

50 or 60 Belgian patients euthanased annually for psychiatric reasons
Manic-depressive patients, in their manic moments, are capable of doing the most improbable things: plundering their bank accounts, staying for weeks in five-star hotels, buying several cars in a single day. At that stage they are not mentally competent, obviously. But in moments of depression, exhausted … they are certainly competent. Then they can say, for example: “I have lived through crazy highs and lows for 30 years; I’ve tried everything to break that infernal cycle, including psychiatric hospitals, but now I’m back on the baseline, and I know I have a few weeks left before I’m sinking into the depths or rising to heights.”

Despite it’s title, We’ve gone too far with trigger warnings is a very good read and makes some very good points.


As an abuse survivor with C-PTSD, the only trigger warnings I need are related to that – and I still might read on, depending on the writer and context. But I want the warning; it can be incredibly distressing to be surprised by a graphic description of … you know how it goes. On my own blog, I tend to use tw for abuse and suicide mostly – and sometimes I use them to take the piss out of myself too. *insert smiley here*


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