Male Followers RUN!–It’s Fiction Time….

readerIf you are a male and a follower or visitor, you will want to move quickly away. Ladies, we have more fiction up! Here you go.

If you are a new follower or visitor I wrote this story quite a while ago when I was feeling GOOD! (If you’re bipolar you know what that means…)

For anyone following my health saga, the headaches are still here but are milder. I still haven’t been out much because I don’t do anything when I have a headache.

I really think it was going off the Lexapro cold turkey that is causing this. One of you guys suggested it and I think you are right. I got on the net and read these horror stories of getting off of Lexapro. Headaches are always mentioned. But I want to stay off of it now and not go backwards. Meds suck.

hugs all,


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