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“Not to be mad would amount to another kind of madness.” (Pascal)

“I’m Persian, made in Iran pre-revolution, born in America mid-revolution, bred in Ohio post-revolution. I place trust in signs, in duty, in divinity — things that psychotherapists often dismiss as incidental, if not superstitious or worse yet, symptomatic. The couch is not the place for me.”
A Persian in Therapy

Here’s one for the bipolar twos: 
“Unlike depression, though, hypomania is intrinsically pleasurable. It is a better-than-well state that often confers a heightened sense of creativity and power. So what is the down side to hypomania?”
When Bipolar Masquerades as a Happy Face

Various stats and facts about how bipolar happens. “And contrary to the researchers’ expectations, the 82 patients with bipolar II disorder did not spend more time in depressive states than did the 69 bipolar I disorder patients.”
Recurrence dominates bipolar illness course.

“It turns out that bipolar disorder has a genetic link to at least four other mental illnesses: autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major unipolar depression and schizophrenia.”
5 genetically linked mental disorders – there’s a decent breakdown of current theories on the causes of disorders too.

This one makes perfect sense and gives solid advice about what to watch out for.
Subthreshold mania signals impending bipolarity in children of bipolar patients

I don’t agree with absolutely everything in this HuffPost blog post, but there’s a lot that makes sense to me. An interesting read regardless.
Learning to welcome a bipolar diagnosis

“A young woman who jumped from a 50ft balcony because she believed she could fly hopes that her story will help bring further understanding about mental health.”
Rachel Edwards, a bipolar WordPress blogger in Suffolk, England.

Healthcare professionals are invited to participate in Three Brand New Online Learning Modules on Bipolar Depression.

Paul Dalio, director of Mania Days talks about his motivation for making the film. Dalio, who has bipolar said, “You have to create a tragedy so that people don’t live it.”

In the mood to be enraged and outraged?


$cientology & mental health. Fuckers. Their policy kills people. F.U.C.K.E.R.S. If you are a $cientologist, kindly piss off before I summon a hillbilly, a pit bill, Dyane and a shotgun.

We have bipolar weather, governments, economies and moody attention seeking brats and now … Kera and The Lesbians: Bipolar folk for the world traveler
Apparently they “…lovingly refer to their musical style as ‘bipolar folk’. Bipolar in the sense that in one song drummer Michael will pound his drums, expelling his demons with sheer force, while Kera croons and screams and serenades, enchanting all within earshot.” source

Make a note in your mood tracker diary …


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