a cheerful bipolar linkdump

No matter how I rationalise it, citing extra creativity and sensitivity and empathy and so on, I don’t find bipolar even remotely cheery. But but BUT – there is certainly some cheerful news and general info from time to time. After my last growly linkdump (and I did a purely negative one a while back), it is time to focus on wisdom, advocacy, potentially useful research, happy bipolar people. and just … cool people doing cool stuff.

Today I am Pollyanna, no caveats and disclaimers and downsides were employed in the pasting of these links.

9 celebrity quotes that’ll change the way you feel about mental illness – the ones by authors J.K. Rowling and John Green are my favourites.

Awww I’m always stoked to find a South African link: braai-polar Cape Town man raises awareness for bipolar disorder. Not a surprising concept in this country, we don’t just braai; it’s a national pastime soaked in lore and legend and … blah blah blah braai blah braaivleis blah blah etc.

Here’s some cheer for the US of A: Supreme Court considers impact of disability law on police – they are deciding whether special precautions should be taken when arresting mentally ill people. Um … dear supreme court, this is a no brainer. Just do it. *makes a Nike symbol in the air*

Kay Redfield Jamison – Unquiet Mind: Living with Bipolar Illness, The Consequences of Public Disclosure of Mental Illness. KRJ is loud and proud and on our side, so even if she burped into a bottle, we’d listen and smile.

Celeb advocacy in Thailand, Luk Thung DJ Kendo puts his struggles with bipolar disorder into words – I like what he says and he’s just written a book about it too. It’s good to see some wit applied. This quote’s about mania, “I also dressed up in the craziest outfits. I thought I was fashionable. At one time, I fantasised that I was a grandmother and went out on the street dressed like one!”


Mania Days is a drama starring Katie I got the hell outa the marriage with Tom Cruise because Scientology Holmes. She plays a bipolar poet who falls in love with a bipolar man. She read An Unquiet Mind to prep, so she may even have her facts right. Tentative yay.

So many reasons to feel cheered by this one. My puerile mind sniggered at the fact that it was Dr Daniel Dickstein‘s idea. Ahem. Video game for paediatric bipolar disorder (sad stats in the article though).

You might not find this one cheerful, but it made me feel happy, because it’s a damn good description of bipolar on a very accessible level. It’s aimed at idiots who think bipolar is just an adjectivd. Let’s get this straight: bipolar is not a useful tool for productivity. Such a cool rant.

How bout this for a rather unusual sort of a title: A Life in Bits: The Memoirs of a Cheerful Bipolar

Natasha Tracy has written about almost any aspect of bipolar you can think of. Can a person with bipolar be happy? – this a cheerful linkdump, so you know the answer is yes and all you need now is the route. A Redditor posed the question Stable, Happy Individuals with Bipolar Disorder…DO YOU EXIST? – and the answer is yes again.

Ellen Forney is, I think, the finest bipolar cartoonist out there. Happy and bipolar: One woman’s journey to balance.

That’s enough feckin’ good cheer, I’m going to hide in my cave nao. Kthxbye.

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