What do YOU Blog About?


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I thought it might be fun to share a bit on here about each other’s blogs. Don’t be shy! Advertise on here and pick up a few new readers (and maybe a new follower or two). Tell us about what you do in the comments section. You don’t have to be a follower to participate…everyone welcome! If you have a friend who blogs, invite them to join us.

I figure if we all like the stuff on this blog, we may like the stuff on each other’s blogs. We do have a lot of mental health bloggers, but also a fair share of all sorts of topics. Here’s a sample of a simple comment you might make:

“Hi…I’m Lily and I blog on bipolar disorder and recovery. Most of my posts are on my personal experiences. I also have a little fiction going. Hope you’ll drop by! https://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/”

Okay, so all you regulars out there…help me make this a success. My goal is ten blogs listed…let’s see if we can do it! 🙂


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