a bipola-rage linkdump

I collect relevant links over a week or so, and the moronic and annoying ones are always the majority by a mile. As an exercise in … something or other, this time I’d like to show you what really gets up my nose. Without showing you my nose. Don’t read the rage category if you’re feeling shitty, it’ll only make you feel worse. In fact, just don’t click any links. I like a good rant, it’s very therapeutic.

Ah humanity … (I will do a totally cheerful one next time; now there’s a challenge and a half.)



Jonathan Malkin: man tells world how depressed and bipolar people are ideally qualified to succeed in business entrepreneurship. Man fails to tell world his exact diagnosis and the severity of his illness. blahpolar is mildly irritated and links it purely to be passive aggressive about its inadequacy and generalisations. One wonders if man has psychopathic traits as well.

Why am I talking like Tarzan or a racist spaghetti western version of an American Indian?

Treatments more complicated for people with multiple mental health illnesses (video)
And in other breaking news: water is wet.

Yet another shitwitted description of bipolar weather. Need I say more? Thought not.

Bipolar solicitor lost €242k in a ‘classic scam’ no need to mention his bipolarity at all. The cause of it was stupidity. Who the fuck hands over any cash at all to people from a country hugely notorious for 419 scams, without doing all the research in the universe first? Has he been living under a rock in a desert?



Fux News fux up again, by panic mongering about Stevens Johnson Syndrome being a side effect if Lamotrigine (Lamictal), without a) giving the info that it’s also a rare side effect of ibuprofen, some antibiotics and so on, and b) spelling it correctly. The fault lies with whoever prescribed the meds for not saying in the incredibly unlikely event of your developing SJS, you will very quickly get blisters in places like your mouth and eyes. If this happens, get to ER asap. That’s how my psychiatrist put it anyway – no GP has ever mentioned it, however. It is also wise to habitually research the meds you are taking. FFS.

Home remedies for bipolar disorder – not only are they irresponsible enough to make no mention of consulting an MD, they claim that bipolar can be cured by herbs. There isn’t even any evidence of herbs fuckingwell alleviating bipolar. People like that … eh, I’ve done this rant many times already.



There are no words strong enough to express just how unjust, abhorrent, racist and heartbreaking this is. This is nothing like the heartrendingly frequent reports of suicide by cop. This is evil. The family released a video of it. Don’t watch it.

Dallas police shot a mentally ill black man on his doorstep because he was holding a small screwdriver, a newly released video shows.

‘Aggressive’ East Surrey Hospital nurse struck off for bullying bipolar patient once again, I have no words. Okay there’s one. Bitch.

And remember – bipolar is never awesome, and only bipolar people get to make bipolar jokes.


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