chuck norris whispers in caps lock

My two favourite typos ever are …

Kudus to … I can’t remember who the kudus were going to, but she meant kudos. And it’s not a simple oops I got a vowel wrong because here in South Africa, we get kudos for having kudus. And here is a kudu.


It’s the Greater Kudu (the Lesser one hangs out in East Africa, feeling inadequate) and to give you an idea of how big an antelope it is, males can weigh up to 270kg. They taste good too.

May your sole be at peace. This one arrived in my life by email today, and it was rendered even more delightful by the fact that the writer was shitting all over me (local town board bs politics). I replied politely, dealing with the crap at hand and signed off, you do know that a sole is a fish, right?


It just wouldn’t have been as amusing using the bottom of feet and shoes definition.

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