Part One – It is not about politics or religion, it is about a lack of empathy.


This is the sort of thinking that filled concentration camps.

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Sigmund_Freud_1926It is estimated that over 56 million Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Key word is “diagnosable.” It is important for several reasons to keep this in mind as we go over the estimates. Many of these illnesses are not like a broken bone or biological disease. You can become a little depressed or become functional bi-polar. Unlike the flu, you do not get “a little” flu. Most experts will admit that nearly all the numbers are by their nature low because of the number of functioning mentally ill individuals. Some will argue that if they are functioning then blah blah blah. This is a very stupid argument because there is not fully functioning accepted definition of “functioning.” And that is the real problem.

Point, you may be functioning fine. Of course you are f**king up the life of everyone you come in contact with. But you are just…

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