From Death in Venice to Empathy in Venice


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The city of Venice itself is the most significant symbol in Thomas Mann’s story. Even in 1912, when Death in Venice was published, Venice was sinking into the swamp on which in was built, sinking back into the unexpressed in the sense of that which is present but unacknowledged, that which one does not even know that one does not know. For example…

Turner on Venice A View of Venice by TurnerVenice

Venice is the place of Othello’s insane jealousy of faithful a derivative and deviation of love that goes horribly wrong with awful consequences Desdemona. Though falling short of the clinical madness celebrated by the symbolists, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice evokes a dialectic of resentment at social injustice, in the context of the greater madness of prejudice and the destructive letter of the law. George Gordon, Lord Byron, himself an individual touched by fire (Jamison 1993) and a notorious manic depressive given to destructive furniture…

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