do you like liking & being liked?

When you are sick and unhappy, I want to click a dislike button on your posts, or at least not click a like one. I try to comment as much as possible, and to only click like when I actually do like the content of the post. Empirically, I know that the click is also a way of saying I’ve read your post and you have my support – and I have no issue with the click on my own posts. Every single time I read sad and broken things though, I have an internal debate about it.


Click like! Bitches love likes.
No no no … I hate this post, I don’t want them to hurt.
Just bloody well click it, it’s like a virtual hug.
I think it’s like hearing someone is suicidal and reacting with a “yaaaaaay!”.
It really isn’t.
I take stuff at face value. I do not like those posts, not one bit.
But you like the blogger, so ffs just one freaking mouse click and they know it.
Low down, dirty sophistry!
Oh ffs just do or not do, there is no … STOP CRYING!

As a result, I’m inconsistent. If I’ve commented on a post that is sad and sore, I don’t click like. But … when I’m not up to commenting, either because my mind feels fried or my tongue tied, I click and don’t click like with random and (literally) gay abandon. Fucknose what my logic is either.

The result is useless too. When I don’t click or comment, you might think I haven’t read it, and/or that I don’t care. Not true, because I read everything on my newsfeed except stuff that triggers me badly. How are you supposed to know that though?


Im so ashamed to have an aspect that abuses caps lock and exclamation marks so shamelessly. Meh.


My default action whenever I experience confusion about or have an argument with a word, is google’s handy define: command. I thought the top definition would be a verb, but au contraire, it gave the preposition first, having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to. Okay that works!

*mutter* But they made the button to denote the verb.

Okay, I’ve (as per usual) argued myself right back up my own colon in a cloud of over thinking, but I have (I think) decided (more or less) on a strategy. I’m going to click like, because I like you. When it’s a happy post, it’ll mean yey I am seriously stoked and when it’s sad, it’ll be meh, I’m so sorry. And both will mean I am just like you – human.

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