headsup: world bipolar day 2015

This will be my first World Bipolar Day as an officially diagnosed manic depressive. I’m so excited – I’m rushing out to buy a nice frock asap. I knew you guys would want enough time to do the same, hence the headsup. And if you don’t already have bipolar (or support someone who does), you can either adopt one, or get bipolar yourself half price for one day only! But wait, there’s more …

Ohhhkay seriously … the blurb:

“Join us Monday, March 30, 2015 World Bipolar Day (WBD) – an initiative of the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder (ANBD), the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) – will be celebrated each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as probably having bipolar disorder.” 


The call to action:

“We are asking people with a lived experience, caregivers and the general public to submit a photo to us

Hold a sign, write text over your photo, or email the text for us to add, that says:
Lived Experience: “I am (something other than your illness) ” with your name (optional), and country
Caregivers: “I love/care for someone with bipolar disorder” with your name (optional), and country
General Public: “I support those who have bipolar disorder” with your name (optional), and country
Include a signed Media Release Form (permission to post your photo online) when you submit your photo – download the form.

If you enjoy things in a Facebook flavour, click this. The official Twitter account is here.

You can also grab the official WBD graphic there. I made my own quick, because I don’t cope at all well with their colour scheme.

Have fun kids, but remember – be careful out there.

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