Farewell February

farewell febraury I can’t believe another month has gone by so quickly. Even thought it was a short month, it still whizzed past by my drug ridden brain pretty fast.

I was very faithful to my spreadsheet this month and kept good records of how I did. Here is my report:

EXERCISE, FOOD, DIET, AND ALL THAT: I did a bit better on exercise. I managed 8 days out of 28. Last month it was only 6. Not exactly stellar, but hey. I’ve gotten a few more supports in place for exercise and I hope to do better in March. I drank about three diet shakes per day. I need to get four in. There’s another place to improve next month. I start out great in the mornings and fizz as the day goes on.

I did MUCH better on drinking my 64 oz. of water every day. I decided I could NOT have any diet Pepsi or iced tea until I had had all of my water. Of course, usually by the time I drank all that water I didn’t want anything else.

I cooked dinner all but one day in February. We did have a few days where people were gone and I didn’t have to cook, but otherwise I had a dinner ready. I’ve been doing great at this.

My weight doctor has added in a new feature to my diet: a couple of snacks a day. So my menu looks like this: 4 shakes per day, 2 snacks per day, 64 oz of water, a reasonable serving of the dinner I cook. I am going to add the snacks on the spreadsheet to make sure I am getting those in because…..

I AM EATING OTHER STUFF! There were only four days this month where I managed to stay on the above food plan. I call this “other food” on my spreadsheet and I have a happy little “x” for almost every day. You name it, I have eaten it. The good news is, when I went to weigh-in this month, I only gained 1 pound. I know that’s not good, but it could have been worse. (I hate psych meds!)

Enough on the food. I only cancelled something 7 days this month. That’s an improvement over 11 last month. This is a big issue for me so I am pleased it’s getting better. I did my devotional all but 7 days this month. Just got lazy on that.

SHOWERING is better! I shower when I need to go somewhere. I plan ahead and shower the night before if I have to go somewhere early. I still will often get my husband to go with me and chat while I shower for moral support but I have done it alone.

SLEEPING UPSTAIRS: This has to get better as my neck is aching from the couch. I just need to get up at ten and go upstairs to bed. Period. No falling asleep on the couch.

BEST FRIEND: Don’t forget that she lives out of state. We texted 10 days in February. We talked on the phone 3 times. I’d like to see us talk a little more, but I was glad that not many days went by this month where we didn’t make contact. We still don’t have any firm plans to see each other, although there is some talk of meeting up in June. If we do I think that would be a whole year since we saw each other. I think that is too long for best friends.

CHURCH was rough this month. We only got there one Sunday. But we did collect toys at garage sales for a missions project and took in food. One Sunday we missed cause of that rock show and the other two I just didn’t feel like it. Which is too bad cause I like church.

SEEING FRIENDS: This was okay this month. I saw three girlfriends socially, went out with two couple friends, and went to a family dinner. I think that is getting out enough.

I wouldn’t mind making a new friend or two to go to movies or out with. I have plenty of friends but most work and are pretty busy so I see them maybe once every couple of months. Which isn’t bad. But with me being home, I could use another friend who doesn’t work. I looked over my friend list four times and am caught up with everyone on there.

I went to my bipolar support group twice and missed twice. I’m trying to combine that trip with the gym and treadmill so I need to improve on that.

I went to my women’s support group three times out of four. That is pretty good. They all miss one here and there also.

I went somewhere my husband wanted to go at least four times.

I saw my psychiatrist and psychologist once each. I got my massage for mental health. (LOL). I weighed-in at the weight doctor.

There are a few minor changes coming up on the March spreadsheet.

I’m going to start monitoring my efforts on the blog to make sure I am staying on my schedule.  I want to make sure I am not spending too much or too little time on the blog. If I can stay with this, I can see how it goes, and if I need to make changes.

I also gave up the book club. The purpose of that was to get me reading. I have since become hooked on audiobooks. I plan on jotting down the titles I have listened to each month. I also plan on weighing myself once a week at home. Finally, I am going to give myself credit for seeing “random” docs. This is anyone but mental health people. In March, I need to see the dentist and get a bone density scan. So I will earn points for getting out for that.

I think it was a good month with lots of room for improvement. At least I really know where I am going wrong and where it is going okay. I can do some of these little changes.

Thanks for listening to the update. It’s like giving my report card to my parents!

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