Spring is Coming…


I found this uplifting post while I was traveling around. This author is a very nice person and she may even do a guest blog for us in the future! Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted on Confessions of a Housewife.:

I took the dog on a walk. It’s been weeks since it’s been warm enough to walk. I won’t go if it’s in the single digits and it’s been ages since the windchill was in the positives. Tuesday the skies were so blue and the sun so shiny I couldn’t stand it anymore. I gave in to Ranger’s pleas and we headed out the door. It was still too cold and the sidewalks weren’t clear enough for us to do our normal route but it was glorious just to be out in the sun. While it was very cold there was something in the light, a promise of sorts. Assurance that spring is on it’s way. We slipped and slid but the birds were chirping in that way they do in spring and I could almost feel heat from the sun, almost.


Sometime in January I had thought that maybe I’d…

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